Selfie in the Abstract


Undoubtedly you already know that Oxford Dictionaries’ crowned “selfie” as the word of the year for 2013.

Well, apparently I’ve missed this bandwagon.

I am definitely intrigued by self-portraits. I greatly admire the creativity and emotional vulnerability that is the hallmark of a great selfie.

But I can’t seem to turn the lens upon myself.

Oh, I’ve tried. There is the fear of revealing myself – wrinkles and dark circles and imperfections – for all the world to see.

But I am also stymied by the technical and creative challenges – it just seems like so much WORK. The tripod, the cable release, lighting. Concept, focus and composition.

It appears I like the IDEA of selfies – the abstract concept – much more than I do the actual execution.

But in the spirit of “embracing”, I’m keeping an open mind. Perhaps I will reveal myself in this space – in both words and images.

The above isn’t much of a revelation – but that’s me, reflected in the salt-splashed window of a nightclub, covered with a curtain of shiny metal shards.

An abstract selfie. A place to begin.


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  1. Personally, I love abstract selfies. They leave a lot to the imagination. You, of course, found the most interesting window to take your selfie. I love it.

  2. A great place to begin, love how you’ve taken the concept and made it you. :0)

  3. I can appreciate what you say about self portraits as they are not my favorite thing to do, either. And I have to say that having met you in person I did not see the imperfections that you speak of. No matter what you try to hide in this abstract image I remember the beautiful smile, the lovely person behind the lens.

  4. Is there a “like” button for this? This image is amazing. AH-Maze-ing.
    Had you not indicated there was a “selfie” in there, I wouldn’t have picked it up. I’ve become more and more comfy with selfies over time and enjoy doing them. A lot of times it’s on days I need a 365 and have got a big fat “nuttin'” I’m the only model around. It’s that or chase the pets.
    Perhaps, if you’re looking to embrace, you could tuck away that notion of all the equipment. Store windows are a great place to get a bit of distored you. If you use a kit lens 18-55 (or if you’re still using p and s….it’s easy to hold it out and with a few trials and errors get a shot. You rock the photoshop, you can smooth out the stuff that concerns you (and wouldn’t trouble anyone else).
    The other thing that helped me at first was realizing that it need not be ALL of you. It can be hands feet a crop from the knees down or an averted gaze.
    You go girl!
    Happy day to you. Did I mention how much I love this photo? Bravo!!

  5. WOW! This is the coolest “selfie” I’ve ever seen! It’s you in more than one way, literally and also in photography style! I’d love to see more like this, you and your architecture.

  6. What a beautiful and creative selfie, and a great way to start! It took me a year of selfies to really feel comfortable with taking my own picture — I began with my shadow and then went to my feet and finally got up to my face after 6 or so months.

    Susan is right, it can be an easy process –I just set me camera on something stable and use the timer to snap the photo. I like your word “embrace” , goes well with selfie. I’m looking forward to seeing more of you!

  7. Love this and you perfect description on what it takes to do a selfie. I’m amazed at some of the feeds on Instagram where all of the photos are selfies. This is fabulous!

  8. A most clever self-portrait! Well done. I never heard of a selfie until I read your post.

  9. It’s interesting that you combined something you are uncomfortable with (the selfie) with one of your trademark reflections–and with wonderful results too. Selfies are on my 2014 “to-do” list as well so I appreciate that you shared your own ambivalence, and I enjoyed your reader comments about the process. Working up my courage…

  10. Very cool…and very creative!! Me too – I’m resistant to this whole ‘selfie’ thing. It seems – well – just so ‘self-involved’ – :-)!!!

  11. serialphotographer

    You have such a creative eye, this is wonderful I love it

  12. Fantastic selfie, brenda! so beautifully abstract.

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