What do you need to clear out of your life?

I am a neat and organized person by nature. I don’t have clutter – everything has a place. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have organized stashes of things I no longer need – supplies for hobbies I no longer pursue; clothes I no longer wear; books I haven’t opened in years. It’s easier to let inertia take hold and go with the status quo.

It’s often hard to do, this clearing away – after all, I have time and money invested in these things. But how much do these things weigh me down, without even realizing it? What physical and emotional space would be opened up if I took the time to let them go? To find them a new home?

What would be revealed if I cut through the overgrowth?


Texture Tuesday Processing – Photoshop CC

  • Process the Pioneer Woman Photography Dim the Lights action to increase contrast
  • Add a saturation adjustment, increasing the saturation of the bits of red on the vines
  • Add the Charmed texture. Desaturate and invert. Blend mode = Linear Dodge

Below are the original image and the Photoshop layers palette:










Linking with Texture Tuesday hosted by Kim Klassen


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  1. I am organized where you can see it, but I have hidden stashes that need to be uncluttered. In fact, I am hoping to get to some of that today… Your picture is beautiful. I really like the composition.

  2. Love this image – almost looks like there is a shadowy eye behind on the board beneath the overgrown plant. I am getting better at clearing away the old – and I must say it is very liberating. I love your combination of words and image.

  3. Love this old window! I’ve been working on decluttering this past year and it’s really hard for me. I have a big sentimental streak in me that wants to keep everything even things that haven’t seen the light of day in years. It’s a slow progress, but you know, I’ve not missed a thing that I’ve gotten rid of! Thanks for encouraging me to keep on working at it!

  4. Oh, I have those hidden stashes too, but I do love them!
    This is a wonderful image, Brenda, and so perfect for your post.

    Have a great day!

  5. I have a lot of overgrowth to prune in my house….now to just find the time. Your image is beautiful!

  6. Wonderful image. Love the textures. As often is true in your images, this one has wonderful contrasts–the rough plywood with the beautiful scroll work on the window, the higgledy-piggledy vines with the ordered rows of bricks, blue hues with red bits. I like this one a lot!!!! (keep us posted on how your decluttering goes.)

  7. Very cool image and post. I love this window!

  8. Beautiful tones, textures and lines in your image, and so perfect for your thoughts about clearing out. We know that vines develop new growth with pruning, and I think the same goes for people. When we clear out the clutter, there is room for light and new energy.

  9. This is something that’s been on my mind a lot lately. I have so much stuff that I no longer use but I spent so much money on some of it that I have a hard time letting it go. Love the image, makes me want to break free of my clutter.

  10. The topic of this post resonates for sure. As we approach our 10th anniversary in this home, I am conscious of things that were put away in whatever convenient cubbyhole presented itself at the time. And, as I contemplate your post, I’m feeling the stress knot between my shoulders because I KNOW I need to start dealing with some of that–because you are absolutely right, the emotional rewards of ridding myself of unnecessary “things” would be enormous.

  11. The textures really make a normal photo, extra special. Lots of depth and mystery. Three years ago we made a big move….meaning to a much smaller home. At this time I decided to give our five grown kids everything of value as a family..heirlooms, to silver, decorations to furniture, books to whatever interested them. It is a joy to watch them use these items with their families….better while we are alive and can see traditions carry on. I also believe in passing on to others….those supplies, magazines, books, paintings not sold….if in good condition they find a home. It is like being on the most fantastic diet ever!!!!

  12. I LOVE this photo image – oh my it is my favorite today. I have a question for you – where do you find the Action setting – I downloaded the actions – but can’t find them in my photoshop program – I am a bit lose about action – I understand styles – shapes brushes – etc but where is the action?


  13. really nice image. a lovely blend of curves and corners with just the right touch of color in the red.

  14. I agree, we’ve been doing a bit of sorting, but there’s always more. It’s not something I’m very good at. Love this image.

  15. Indeed. I’m an everything in it’s place kind of gal too. I’ve been trying over the past few years to loosen up on that (or I’ve grown lazy), but when the clutter on the counter gets to a point, I stop being able to focus or think. Closets, books, stuff…yup. And I know I’m not anywhere as bad as the norm. Imagine.
    I love that plywood in the window. Decay, neglect. It’s sad to see a building like that, unless you have a camera in your hand, and then it’s wonderful. Happy day Brenda.

  16. Yes, yes, yes. I’m pretty neat and organized in some area, not so much in others. But I always feel that I have “too much stuff,” as I repeat over and over to my daughter. I shed more with each move, but there is still more to let go of. There are very few things my kids want, so it’s down to me hanging on to things for whatever reason.
    I hate to see old buildings fallen into disuse, windows boarded up. Such a beautiful window, too. I find myself wishing I could fix it. Move in. Make it feel loved again.

  17. Sometimes my “organized stashes of things I no longer need” are outdated ideas inside my head! I love this image so much, it’s combinations and suggestions. Fabulous!

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