Wise Words Sunday


“I want every image
to be the beginning
of an unseen image.”

Kahlil Gibran

(Forgive the scheduling mishap that resulted in this Wise Words Sunday post
going out to you on a Saturday. Consider it an early weekend gift.)


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  1. Gorgeous image. Love the liquid gold and chocolate effect. Great quote too.
    And congrats on being ahead of the game…something I can only dream of!

  2. Beautiful light & shadows as always- interesting quote too!

  3. Gorgeous golden glow. Love the warmth in this image!

  4. Love the tones in this, Brenda, and what a wonderful quote.

  5. I love the richness and depth of this image and that quote is fantastic.

  6. Such an intriguing image to go with this interesting quote, Brenda! Lovely tones and lines.

  7. Beautiful lines! I love that shaft of light on the bricks!

  8. Your quote has much wisdom…often what is important is to the side of what we see…..especially in regards to honoring all people. This photograph is as spectacular as one expects from you….you make the ordinary, extraordinary.

  9. Things unseen…what is under the awning or behind the polished roof? What is the origin of the shadow that lends its own mystery to the composition? This is an excellent match of image and word. Well done!

  10. serialphotographer

    Striking image

I greatly appreciate your comments!

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