The Gift of Wonderment


“The camera, when held with wonderment,
opens us to the magic of discovery.”

Patricia Turner, A Photographic Sage

I didn’t shoot much in December.

Oh, I could give you my lengthy list of excuses for not picking up the camera. You’ve heard them all before – you’ve probably used them yourself a time or two.

But on this particular evening, I ventured out into our unseasonably warm weather, camera in hand. I had no expectations. No, it was merely a break from our holiday festivities – a quiet hour of contemplation amidst the seasonal hustle and bustle.

As I walked the silent downtown streets, this light show awaited me. I stood in awe as nature painted the sky in brilliant splashes – jewels of color from lemon to amethyst – and the surrounding buildings slowly faded to black.

This image is a poor substitute for the actual grandeur of this sunset. More than the photograph itself, it was the experience which touched my heart – the act of bearing witness to this awe-inspiring beauty. A reminder – to myself and you – of infinite possibilities.

Instead of a simple respite from the holiday blur, photography gave me this gift. For in this moment, I let wonderment overtake me.

Linking with the December edition of the Photo-Heart Connection, hosted by Kat Sloma 


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  1. Photography does present us with so many gifts, some difficult to describe but powerful nonetheless. I’m glad you witnessed this and shared it.

  2. For sure, Brenda, wonderment is certainly a gift that photography gives. Brilliant sunsets never cease to amaze me.

  3. One of the many, many things I love about photography.
    This is really beautiful, Brenda.

  4. I completely agree with the quote. Lovely sunset!

  5. Yes, photography can help us appreciate the amazing beauty around us. After taking dozens of photos of the sunsets from the porch, I am now content to step out and just enjoy them.

  6. An amazing sky-glad the show was there for you. This fall we had some unusually awesome sunsets around here-I feel the vastness of the world so much more when viewing something like this.
    Happy 2014 my friend.

  7. One meaningful and beautiful experience is worth 100 mediocre ones. You recognized that and I can feel your appreciation.

  8. Wonderment – that’s what my camera brings to me so many times! This image is simply stunning and I love the quote!

  9. So beautiful. The colours are amazing. Love your description of wonderment taking over – just what I love about photography too and the moments of escape it offers.

  10. Beautiful sunset, beautiful moment. Thank you for sharing your sense of wonder…it is just what I needed at this moment. Happy New Year, my friend, may it be full of wonder and joy!

  11. This is just magical!

  12. Aaaaah yes!! And – I love the word wonderment. It says it all..doesn’t it?

  13. It is stunning, a gift in and of itself! I’m glad you were there because I can’t think of anyone better able to appreciate (and record) the beauty of such an amazing scene.

  14. Beautiful! Again, your words take me to the spot where you were standing to witness the sunset! Beautiful!

  15. We also had beautiful sunsets in December. Yours really is magical.

  16. A gorgeous, gorgeous photo-heart Connection! I can only imagine the true grandeur of that sunset. I can feel a bit of the beauty through not only the photo, but the feeling the peace and contentment in the moment that carries through in your words. Thank you so much for ending the year with this wonderful post in the PHC.

  17. Wonderment…what a wonderful word! And what a gift it is to be able to share your wonderment with the rest of us through your photographs and words. Thank you for taking that walk — and your camera. Wishing you a wonderful 2014!

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