Thirteen for ’13

Everyone’s doing it – compiling “best of” lists for 2013 – it’s the time of year for retrospection.

As part of my process of saying good-bye to 2013, I chose thirteen favorite images from this year.

Picking my overall favorite image of the year was easy – “The Rebel” (above) has wonderful reflections and golden light – but also suggests a story. And it is the story possibilities that excite me. A goal for future work.

I went through multiple iterations in choosing the other photographs of this baker’s dozen. I began by selecting one image per month but that became too restrictive – some months were better than others. So I dropped the month criteria and eventually came up with three groups, roughly organized around three different “themes”:  Abstract/Reflections, Black and White and Post-Processing/Textures.

I think these combinations highlight my major explorations and interests this year – celebrating new series, unforgettable trips, hometown tourism and Photoshop experimentation.

I hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane. Here’s to the joys of 2013!


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  1. Shelley Benjamin

    Great list. I have enjoyed this compilation. As usual, your work is a visual delight. Happy New Year.

  2. Seeing the best of Brenda is a visual treat. I like the idea of finding themes and these three are perfect for you. And, the rebel is one of my favorites too. It reminds me of you because I always get the feeling that you follow your own path and that makes your images uniquely Brenda. Can’t wait to see where you go in 2014. Happy new year.

  3. I think that selecting favorite photos is a challenge, one I’ve never done. Selecting which images to print and frame for exhibits is hard enough. Also, I was intrigued to notice that your favorites were not always my favorites of your images. Just shows how subjecting photography is.

  4. Glad you jumped off the bridge with the lemmings. What a set of images. I too love that absolute fave-for all the right reasons you mention. It tells a story and the title is so clever. If everybody is doing this, I might have to do it-or be a rebel and not do it.
    Happy day to you my friend.

  5. The rebel is my fave too because it seems to tell a story, as well as have wonderful light and color. I have so many photos from this year that I can’t imagine selecting 12 or 13 as favorites, but it might be a good exercise for me. First I have to purge! Happy New Year, Brenda!

  6. It was such a treat to look at these images from this year! I think we all agree, The Rebel, is a favorite!

  7. How much fun it is to see these here, Brenda.
    It’s hard to choose a favorite, but I think it might be the very last one.

  8. What a process to choose favorites for the year. Gosh I am lucky to just get something posted!!! You did a great job. Very introspective and actually a very good idea….helps one see one’s progress and interests for period of time. And I would think it helps focus what you want to do in 2014!!! Besides another wedding. I love your favorite image and immediately it came to my mind, “Who keeps those floors so miraculously shiny?” And indeed it does tell a story. smiles; sharon

  9. Love them all, Brenda…all!! And, I love how you organized them – around themes. Each theme is so strong. But, like so many here, The Rebel is a fav! Thank you for posting your images – for sharing your work – here. It means so much to see it. It nourishes and inspires. Always.

  10. These are great Brenda, I love your favourites. Especially your very favourite- beautiful golden light

  11. What a process that must have been! A little like choosing a favorite child perhaps? Each one special, a few slightly less than perfect…

    Still, what a treat it is to revisit with you a few of your wonderful images. Of these, my favorites are the skyscraper-in-a-skyscraper and the textured airplane.

    Wishing you the very best for a happy, healthy, and creative 2014.

  12. You have a great eye for a picture

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