One Way

My first inclination was to clone out the sign.

That’s just how my mind works – I desire pristine perfection – and the crooked One Way sign seemed to be an unwanted distraction. My interest was the door and its surrounding columns and pediment.

But then I re-considered. Not only did the sign add depth to the image but perhaps its inclusion added a story element.

Maybe the sign was more than a traffic sign. Maybe it was a message. A message about a creative journey and how there are many ways to travel along this path.

That each of us has more than “one way”, more than a single opportunity to develop our creativity.

Or maybe it’s just a crooked street sign.


Texture Tuesday Processing (Photoshop CC)

  • Process the Pencil Sketch technique action. Set blend mode to Multiply and Opacity to 50%
  • Add the 1402 texture below the Pencil Sketch group in the layers palette. Desaturate. Set blend mode to Multiply. Add a mask – paint with black over the snow and sign so these areas retain their whiteness
  • Add the Minus 43 texture above the 1402 Texture layer in the layers palette. Desaturate. Set blend mode to Hard Light and Opacity to 70%
  • Add a Levels adjustment to increase overall contrast, especially in the highlights

Below is the original image and the Photoshop layers palette:










Linking with Texture Tuesday, hosted by Kim Klassen


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  1. Love this and your words. Definitely a message and not just a sign for me. 🙂

  2. I love the one way sign, notice the direction it is pointing….downward! So I saw humor in this composition. However, I like your thoughts on it even better. Great offering at Kim’s TT. I think this week I will have to pass….

  3. Yes, my first thought would have been to eliminate the sign too. But I am glad you didn’t because it does really add an interesting aspect to the photo. I love what you said about it and I’ll remember those words the next time I think something is in the way of my photo taking.

  4. Perfect…like you I probably would have just skipped over the photo, but I really love how you processed this and it does add so much! Good lesson for me…thanks!

  5. I think this is a sign. Love that you gave the recipe.

  6. This image, with its random shadows and reflections, has a bit of a comic feel to it, providing an entrée for the sign’s equally random appearance. I’m glad you went with the original…

  7. Glad you didn’t clone it out, it’s wonderful!

  8. Your comments reflect my thinking also. Nice image. I like the partly desaturated look.

  9. I think you’re right to leave it in. Your words make me stop and think.

  10. The first thing I thought when I saw the image was that there was a story to tell. Love that you left the sign in and that you’re seeing where it takes you.

  11. I’m glad you left the sign in the photo. I am like you; I would have taken it out because I am just a tad bit OCD. I am learning to be a little less so with my photography though. Great job with the textures.

  12. I love it in there. It’s priceless! A great addition, in fact! A message, maybe. A bit of fun. A terrific added element for the eye. Whatever the reason..I love it! Nice one, Brenda.

  13. I get very frustrated with the ugly trappings of modern life that get in the way of the pristine images I want to capture. I like how you’ve chosen to find a positive message in this one.

  14. Ah, you know I love the crooked sign . . .

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