A Winter Tribute


“Imitation is not just the sincerest form of flattery –
it’s the sincerest form of learning.”

George Bernard Shaw

I hope it’s true – about imitation being flattery – because this one is for Kat, of Kat Eye Studio. Her textured “Treescapes” series directly influenced the creation of this piece. Witnessing her journey with the trees has been both an inspiration and a lesson in creativity.

But this image also takes me back to my photographic roots. A time when my photo walks were exactly that – I walked out my front door and searched for beauty within a two mile radius of my suburban home. In those days, nature, not architecture, was my primary subject.

And on this day, I did it again. Bundled up against the winter chill and walked down my street, marveling at the pillows of snow blanketing every tree branch. The transformation was wondrous. There was nothing to do but turn my lens upward.

So here I am – coming ’round full circle, to where it all began. A different photographer now than I was then, true. But still learning; finding new-old ways of capturing beauty.


Texture Tuesday Processing (Photoshop CC)

  • Convert to black and white using the Pioneer Woman Photography B&W Beauty action
  • Add the Quest texture, blend mode = Subtract
  • Add a Levels adjustment to bring out the highlights
  • Add the Return texture, blend mode = Overlay
  • Add a Deep Emerald Photo Filter adjustment, clipped to the texture layer below, to bring out the green tones
  • Add one of my digital textures, blend mode = Multiply
  • Add an overall Levels adjustment to increase the contrast

Below is the original image and the Photoshop layers palette:











Linking with Texture Tuesday, hosted by Kim Klassen and The Photo-Heart Connection, hosted by Kat Sloma


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  1. I think you have flattered her well so lovely and very much like Kat.

  2. A Garden of Threads

    Photography is a wonderful journey and you may make circles during its course. Gorgeous photo.

  3. Magical comes to mind — your processing takes the basic image and makes it sing! What fun to return to your roots with a new eye. A wonderful tribute to Kat.

  4. My first glance at this image made me think of Kat! A beautiful tribute to her gorgeous trees! I love the now on the branches and those beautiful winter colors!

  5. Really beautiful image. A tribute to Kat for sure. Thanks for sharing your process.

  6. You know me, I have a thing for trees. Love this Brenda.

  7. Lovely tree, beautiful bare branches & it does look like one of Kat’s with that processing.

  8. Beautiful tribute to the wonderful trees of Kat. Your image is wonderful, I love trees so much. Fantastic photo-heart connection

  9. Such a beautiful tribute to wonderful Kat! Nice to see the full circle, Brenda. I like what you said about not being the same photographer as when you started, but still capturing the beauty around you. Still – and always – learning. It’s a great reminder to me of change and growth, and a reminder that certain foundations endure..seeking beauty, learning, photographing..Thanks, as aways, great food for the eye and the soul.

  10. This is s pretty, Brenda.

  11. Love this, and I thought of Kat when I saw it too! Gorgeous processing, thank you for sharing how you did it.

  12. Beautiful image, and I agree with others, that this is a great tribute to Kat and her creativity.

  13. There’s something irresistible to me about bare branches, especially when they’re outlined with snow. As others have commented, I saw Kat’s influence at first glance, too. It’s interesting to compare your Photoshop process with her iPhone techniques. (I also like your original shot in its black and white purity.)

  14. Nice! I like this approach–great results.
    I, too, like Kat’s tree series.
    Do you usually drive into town to take photos? I had assumed you lived in the city.

    • Anita – yes, I do drive to our downtown area to take my architectural photos. That was one of my major photographic breakthroughs – when I gave myself permission to drive to my photo walk destinations. We are a small city – it is only a 10 minute drive to our city center.

  15. Well done–both as a tribute to Kat’s work but also the full-circle view of your own photographic experience. You’ve gone back to where you started and added in the sum of your accumulated knowledge–and, no surprise, the result is amazing!

I greatly appreciate your comments!

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