New York in Blue

Texture: Storm

“Anything looked at closely
becomes wonderful.”

A. R. Ammons

It is easy to be seduced by the overwhelming “bigness” that is New York City. But my best work comes in discovering the small details that are often overlooked in the visual overload that is part and parcel of experiencing the Big Apple.

These details make sense to me – it brings the city to a level which I can understand and appreciate and admire.

So I bring you several additions to my collection of NYC minutiae – like before, all post-processed in cool-blue monochrome.

Linking with Texture Tuesday, hosted by Kim Klassen
All images processed with the B&W Beauty and Cooler actions, from Pioneer Woman Photography


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  1. The cool blue and your framing emphasizes the details beautifully. And, I so agree that the details tell the real story of this amazing city.

  2. Oh, my goodness, the first to comment. That is rare treat. Absolutely love your choice of cool blue monotone! It is perfect. It brings out all tiny shadows and intricacies of the sculptures. You always make the “perfect” choice with your photos. I so agree, that the “hidden” beauty in NCY is for those with “eyes” for the tiny details, be in diminutive fountains and sculpted gardens, monuments up close, buildings with ornate carvings and the people with unique faces and posture. You do well to focus on the “smaller” of choices. Keep enjoying your photos from your trip….

  3. Oops, I was wrong about only one thing: I wasn’t the first to post, but second runner up is good enough for me….smile!!!!

  4. Beautiful! I love the composition and cool blue monotone. I agree, when something/someplace is too big, breaking it down helps me appreciate it.

  5. Yes, the beauty is in the details and you’ve captured them so well! Your processing is perfect here — the blue tones are just right. Thanks for showing us NYC through your eyes.

  6. Stunning work – the cool blue is just beautiful!!

  7. These are wonderful, Brenda. I think the tone actually brings out more of the detail in this wonderful architecture.

  8. These are beautiful unexpected photos of NY!

  9. I just looked at the modern buildings you photographed (your next post). What a switch to see these images of older structures. I love the blue tint you’ve given them. My favorites are the second and last, but all are excellent.

I greatly appreciate your comments!

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