Vision in White

“In every landscape
should reside jewels of abstract art
waiting to be discovered.”

Melissa Brown

“Jewels of abstract art” – I love that thought.

That these treasures are out there, waiting to be discovered.

My “landscapes” tend to be “cityscapes” but I think the concept applies to whatever you stand in front of – no matter what your subject, there are jewels to discover.


This image was taken in an underground passageway within the World Trade Center complex.  It was like walking through the Starship Enterprise or a scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey. A soaring curved ceiling, two stories high – everything bathed in the purest white. I stand in awe of those who design public spaces that combine utility with such beauty.


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  1. The quote is perfect for this photo, and for many of your photos. A terrific composition and light. You have a gift for finding the beauty in a walkway, a building, a sidewalk, anything.

  2. This is stunning! It does look very much like you’re walking in a space station. Beautiful capture.

  3. This is gorgeous, Brenda! You certainly are a master of finding the “jewels of abstract”!

  4. Beautiful.
    And I’m glad to have caught up on my blog reading and to have found your new home. I look forward to finding you in my inbox!

  5. White is something I typically struggle to photograph. You found a jewel for sure and captured it in all its beauty.

  6. A beautiful find and so well captured! It’s has such a pure, peaceful feeling!

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