Wise Words Sunday



“There are no recipes for Autumn.”

Robert Genn


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  1. Gorgeous! Love the combination of autumn leaves & bare vine around these arches. It really is a beautiful time to take photos!

  2. I have deleted your original blog. And now hopefully resubscribed correctly. I can understand that it was difficult to do, but within a week or so you will feel right about everything. It is fitting your photograph, beautifully rendered, of doorways. A door is a path to a new place. You have entered your arch, your doorway, and good things will be on the other side. Continue to feel good about your decision….and enjoy the remnants of fall…oh, and I love your photo of the bird….she is sitting watching you as you move from place to place.

  3. I followed your instructions, and I landed here, which I think is where you want. Hope this change makes life easier for you.

  4. You did a great job incorporating nature into your photo. Beautiful, subtle colors. Love the arches within arches. The horizontal lines ground it.

  5. I adore this!
    And, I love what Sharon Furner said…you have crossed the threshold, and under the arch. The new adventure begins and already it is beautiful.

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