Walking to Brooklyn

Walking to Brooklyn, across its famous bridge, at sunset. Does it get any better than that?

There is the challenge of finding a unique way to capture this New York City icon. What can be shown that hasn’t already been shown hundreds of times by hundreds of different photographers?

So while these images may not be unique, they do capture in a small way this incredible experience – enjoying my role as “tourist”, rather than “photographer”.



Below are two of my favorite images, looking out from the bridge – Brooklyn buildings on fire with reflected sunset light and the Manhattan Bridge, the Brooklyn’s next door neighbor.

” More than anything else
New York is a city of superlatives,
a place where the best,
the brightest,
the biggest is the norm.”

Marilyn J. Appleberg  



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  1. Beautiful images…especially seen through your eyes. I’ve never lived in a big city…well, I guess I do now, but there’s something so intriguing and alive in the steel, metal, and concrete. I remember…a long time ago…my mom took me into downtown Los Angeles to the garment district. The sun was barely rising and the city seemed hushed and quiet, but as the sun moved higher into the sky the sounds of the city emerged and became increasingly louder and louder…like an orchestra as they tune their instruments before a concert. I will never forget that morning. And, then I remember mornings standing out on a sandstone fin in Arches National Park…dead silence except for the wind passing by my ears. One is not better than the other…both memories exquisite.

    Sorry to ramble…I love it when your art evokes emotions in me.

    • Suzette – I enjoy your “ramblings” – it always amazes me when viewers are emotionally touched by my photos so the fact that you feel moved to share your stories with me is incredibly gratifying. I’ve never lived in a “big” city either – more the in-between small city/suburb living. And while I enjoy very much visiting places like NYC or Chicago, as the saying goes, I wouldn’t want to live there. I like my in-between quiet suburban life. And Arches National Park is on my “want-to-visit-someday” list.

  2. Your years of photographing skylines, rock, metal, steel, glass, reflections and cracks and exposures resulted in the ability to capture these first rate photographs. The opening is a stunner…perfectly composed and adjusted, just catches my breath, the second is like unto it. Totally unique. I have walked this bridge….noise, cars, people, you captured it as “still and serene.” That is quite an accomplishment.
    So delighted you are in NY…it is a sensory overload. One trip i mostly photographed windows all decorated and sophisticated. Everywhere and everyone is an opportunity to click the shutter to awesomeness.

    • Sharon – you are so right – about the noise and crowds on the bridge – for some reason I didn’t expect that. And NYC is definitely visual overload. This trip was in celebration of my husband’s birthday – so photography took a back seat to our time together. But walking the bridge was definitely an incredible experience.

  3. It’s the second image for me — those wonderful arches and lines! My older daughter lived in Brooklyn for five years. She lived within walking of the bridge,so I spent quite a bit of time near and on the bridge. What an icon! You’ve captured it so well.

    • Gina – I’m glad you liked that second image. I almost didn’t include it because it just seemed to be such a clichéd view of the bridge – the one that every photographer takes. I have been to NYC numerous times and this was the first time that we made it to the bridge – a very special experience – as you know from your own experience.

  4. Wow, you must have been dancing with joy . . . all those lines. I love that second shot, just stunning.

  5. This is such a beautiful walk, and how perfect that you were able to do it at sunset!

  6. I am heading to NYC in two days and you’ve got me inspired. Someone else also told me to walk the Brooklyn Bridge. I don’t know if I’ll get a chance this time. Beautiful images.

    • Kim – enjoy your time in the Big Apple! We stayed in lower Manhattan this time with the express purpose of walking the bridge and seeing the 9/11 Memorial. Both are definitely inspiring, personally and photographically. I can’t wait to see your take on the visual overload that is NYC.

  7. When I saw the first photo, I knew it was a suspension bridge, before reading your description. Well done. I like it a lot.
    I think you benefited from walking across the bridge. Good for you.

    • Thanks Anita. That first image is my favorite of the walk – even though the specific context is lost and you don’t necessarily know that it is of the Brooklyn Bridge. There’s just something about all those connected lines that appeals to me. I’m really glad we took the time to do it.

  8. Fabulous photos, love what you’ve captured as a tourist!

  9. Brenda, these are just exquisite. I get goosebumps looking at them! You may have been enjoying your experience as a tourist, but your photographer’s eye is always with you…and these images are proof of that! Thank you for the joy that comes from seeing Brooklyn through your eyes.

  10. Hello Brenda, I came here from Kim’s site where she recommends us to visit you! Those first two bridge shots are just beautiful and the first one quite breathtaking! I’m glad I came in to visit! Greetings from Sandra

  11. These are all wonderful images but, to me, the second one is especially stunning. The lighting, the juxtaposition of angles against curves, the mix of brick and steel–simply spectacular.

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