Wise Words Sunday



“This then:
to photograph a rock,
have it look like a rock,
but be more than a rock.”

Edward Weston



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  1. I always love Sunday’s wise words and the image you choose to accompany. Perfect!

  2. Interesting image….looks like a composite, but it may just be a funky building. You always find the most interesting things.
    Happy Sunday to you. I’m on study break, and the timer is about to ring. Back to work.

    • Susan – this is really just a funky building. It is currently the home of the Massillon Women’s Club, in a nearby town. It was built between 1892-1894 and is on the National Register of Historic Homes. I just happened to hit it at the right time of day, where the sunlight did wonderful things through the numerous arches. Hope the studying goes well.

  3. Where do you find these places? The quote is perfect for this piece. I love your signature golden tones and that bit of lavender in the background light. Beautiful shadows all around! Happy Sunday!

    • Suzette – its funny because I avoided visiting this historic home in a nearby town – from the website, I thought its architecture wouldn’t be something I would enjoy shooting. It is very dark and gothic. But as usually happens in these situations, the actuality of the place was something quite different and I created some of my favorite shots of the summer here.

  4. The textures in this are so beautiful, Brenda.

  5. Another perfect pairing, Brenda. Beautiful lines, colors, and textures!

  6. Very nice photograph and the quote is also very interesting (and somewhat funny also)
    Regards 🙂

  7. . . . . and you make it even more.

  8. Really lovely, love the light & shapes & textures

  9. You do aim high, as reflected in the quotes you choose, and in your comments.
    I notice the combination of browns and lavenders in this image. I recently did some natural light shooting in older buildings and found similar colors.

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