Show Me the Way


“I will love the light
for it shows me the way,
Yet I will endure the darkness
for it shows me the stars.”

 Og Mandino



Posted on October 24, 2013, in Photography and tagged , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 8 Comments.

  1. I am really liking your new golden series, Brenda. This image has a mystical quality to it. Beautiful light and lines.

  2. Love this and such a perfect quote to accompany it.

  3. Love this! There is so much going on here. I love all the lines and the way you’ve captured the light.

  4. Striking image, love when you pair your photos with quotes, you do it so brilliantly.

  5. Love the light in this one!

  6. The strength of the repetitive lines, the simplicity of the colour scheme – this image is powerful. The words a comfort.

  7. What comes to my mind is…follow the light! Beautifully done! Oh! And the quote is one of my favorites!

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