Still Climbing

“The seeds of your next work lie embedded
in the imperfections of your current piece.”

David Bayles

Here I am – still struggling up the mountainside. Living the “one step forward, two steps back” approach to creativity. Trying, testing, rejecting … trying again.

My online friend Wanda, of Tidbits & Treasures, had this to say in response to my post “The Plateau”“I prefer to think of abandoned projects … as the foundation for new explorations.” I like that idea.

It’s ALL valuable, isn’t it? Tthe rejects, the pieces that don’t work, the throwaways. It’s the time spent creating, regardless of the result.

Sowing seeds for the next piece. Building a foundation.

For a results-oriented perfectionist like myself – a valuable life lesson.


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  1. you find the best quotes!

  2. Great quote and I just love the image . . . .

  3. The tones in this are beautiful, Brenda!

  4. The way you use post-processing to combine natural and manmade elements into a single creation is simultaneously stunning and inspiring. As far as I’m concerned everything you present here is a work of art, and I truly enjoy visiting your site to see what you’ve been up to. Fun, fun, fun…

  5. I’m with Wanda, I love to stop by and see what you’ve created. This piece if beautiful.

  6. Beautiful light in this image.
    It can be challenging to continue to grow and learn and improve as photographers, while not being too hard on ourselves.

  7. Doing some catching up on blog visits today, and I love these past few posts of yours with the new “look” in your images. Your recent post about shooting to the right also grabbed my attention in how you explained it.

    Maybe you see this as a struggle up the side of a mountain, but I see tremendous creativity and ‘focus’ here. It’s a privilege to share the journey with you.

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