Wise Words Sunday


“It’s got to be the going,
not the getting there,
that’s good.”

Harry Chapin


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  1. Love it!! And the perfect ‘graphic’ to accompany the quote!!!!

  2. Well, that’s true, excpet for the time my mom hit a skunk early in the 5 hour journey. : ) that puts a wrench in things.

    Cool combo of whites and blacks. That arrow pops right out.
    Hope all is well with you. I’m trying to step back to routine with limited success. It will happen when it can happen.

    Tell me, are you doing 3rd Thursday this month? My calendar tells me we’re getting close.

    Happy day to you.

    • Susan – The Third Thursday Challenge was on hiatus during the August Break and then in September for my daughter’s wedding. At that point, I decided to put it permanently on the back burner. Please don’t let that keep you from challenging yourself on a regular basis and sharing your results with the rest of us – we can all benefit from your explorations.

  3. I really love this quote- so true in so many parts of life! As an early childhood teacher we always try to focus on the process rather than the product.

  4. Such a wise quote, and what a perfect image for it, Brenda!

  5. I firmly believe that the planning is the best part of the journey. Then, once that’s done, the traveler can settle back to imagine what is yet to come. I can’t tell you how many of my insomniac nights have been soothed to restfulness as I imagined what I might encounter on a long-awaited adventure.

  6. What if you flipped it the other way, so the arrow pointed upward and onward, not backward?

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