Golden Arch


It’s the contrast of silvery-blue against pale gold. The pointed arch and intricately-carved column. The irregular stonework with its red grout.

And this week, I went against my normal tendencies with a very subtle texture application. Not for lack of experimenting with more dramatic options but sometimes it is the light touch that works best.

A lesson to remember.

Texture Tuesday Processing (Photoshop CC)

Below is the original image, following RAW processing and perspective distortion correction, and the Photoshop layers palette:


Linking with Texture Tuesday, hosted by Kim Klassen


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  1. Yes, you are right it is just wonderful with this hint of a texture.

  2. Love the simplicity and especially the contrast of the cool blue/greys to the subtle warmth of the golds. Beautifully processed.

  3. Love the texture and composition in this…and the subtly of that red grout!

  4. Your light touch worked really well here, Brenda. The lines and textures are so beautiful, and the color contrasts accentuates them perfectly.

  5. Beautiful, Brenda. I love the contrasts of those warm and cool tones.

  6. Beautiful. Love the contrast of the gold and silver tones.

  7. Lovely work and your touch is just perfect!

  8. I’m puzzling over the combination of cool and warm tones in this image. I would have expected exactly the opposite–the exterior stones to be warmed and colored by the sun, and the interior to be in a cooler shadow. Good one–leave it to you to find (and celebrate) the unexpected.

  9. Beautiful find and love the light processing!

  10. Beautiful, Brenda! Love the warm gold and cool blue. And, the surprising bit of red. The light, and the light touch..all combined – it’s beautiful!

  11. The touch of red grout must have really caught your eye by surprise ! What a great touch of warmth against the golds and grays…and I agree simple can really be best…it is “choosing” what to be “simple” with that can be challenging. Always beautiful work. smiles: sharon

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