Two Steps to the Right


“Enjoy the little things,
for one day you may look back
and realize they were the big things.”

Robert Brault

Just two steps to the right and there it was – that magical golden glow, abstracted through the greenhouse windows.

Light and lines, distorted into honeyed liquid, dripping.

Those two steps – just far enough, taking me into another world.


Tomorrow is my daughter’s wedding- my precious little girl a bride. Happy tears will be shed. May her wedding day be filled with the golden glow of love.




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  1. Beautiful words my friend…and blessings on their wedding!

  2. It does look liquid…liquid, glowing gold. Beautifully created. May tomorrow be magically for all of you. Blessings!

  3. You really have the ability to find that golden glow — these are beautiful images, Brenda. They shine like your happiness in sharing your daughter’s joyous milestone. Enjoy every minute!

  4. Amen, Brenda. I know it will be a day to remember. I wish your daughter and her new husband every happiness in their new life together.

  5. Such a beautiful quote. How exciting for you & your family. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  6. I’m a day late, so this must be the wedding day! I hope this day has been a day filled with wonderful memories! Beautiful images to celebrate her day!

  7. “Luscious” is what comes to mind with this trio of images.

    I hope the wedding turned out to be everything the happy couple hoped for–truly one of life’s biggest moments.

  8. Brenda, though I haven’t been here visiting this past week, you have been in my thoughts, as I knew this was wedding time! I’m sure it was as warm and beautiful and glowing as your astonishing images here..that, and more! Warmest wishes to you and your husband, and to your bride and her groom. Blessings.

  9. Just two steps to seeing that golden glow. Amazing. I hope the wedding was memorable for all.

  10. It was meant to be, seeing this buttery color, the color of wedding bands prior to your daughter’s wedding. Serendipity at its best and most unexpected. You must leave a few words about the wedding. You must be pleased, happy, and a bit relieved to have it come to fruition. Sharon

    • Sharon – the wedding was wonderful! Everything went (almost) perfectly and the happy couple couldn’t have been happier. I am slightly bereft at the end of this long planning process – but it was such a joy to help create her perfect day. Now they begin the rest of their lives together.

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