Carnation City

A pencil sketch treatment to document my continuing tourist travels – this time it was a sunny afternoon in downtown Alliance – Ohio’s Carnation City.

Small towns offer much in the way of character and history. Take this building for example – I was entranced with its pointed arches, scalloped border and the blue sky reflected in its window panes.

Later research revealed that it was Alliance resident Levi L. Lamborn, a serious student of horticulture, who cultivated the scarlet carnation in 1866.

So here I was, standing in Carnation City, in front of a building bearing the name of the man who developed Ohio’s state flower.

And his family name became part of my photographic creation, almost 150 years later. A historical ghost, tapping me on the shoulder, saying “look here and remember”.

Texture Tuesday Processing (Photoshop CC)

  • Add the 3003 Texture, desaturate, blend mode = Hard Light
  • Add the Old Canvas Texture from Shadowhouse Creations, blend mode = Multiply and opacity = 75%
  • Process the Pencil Sketch Technique action, setting opacity to 75%
  • Copy the background layer and move to the top of the layer stack. Set blend mode to Hard Light. Add a black mask. With a soft brush, paint with white over the window glass, to allow the blue color to come through.
  • Add the PDPA Vintage Craquelure Texture, blend mode = Overlay
  • Add a Levels adjustment to increase overall contrast

Below is the layers palette and the original image:









Linking with Texture Tuesday, hosted by Kim Klassen


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  1. Beautiful work on the after photo! What a great story too.

  2. Love this. The pencil sketch effect looks amazing with the texture. Beautifully done and I love the historical story too. 🙂

  3. Excellent! Love the image, the composition, the treatment. I also love the details of the building and its history.

  4. Oh how stunning this is…thanks for the tutorial and for the texture info

  5. This is an incredible image. I’ve never seen this kind of processing before. I love what you’ve created. And, the story to go with it adds history…and magic!

  6. Love the arched windows. I didn’t realize the blue was from sky reflections. They look like blue window panes. I also love to do a little research on the places and buildings I’ve photography. The internet is sooooo helpful.

  7. Wonderful. It really is amazing what lovely architecture you can find in some old small towns.


  8. I can see why this building, with its grand style, appealed to you. The texture work is spectacular–I especially like the effect on the sky.

  9. You are too fantastic and talented for words….such a delicious coupling of textures and techniques.

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