Riding the Rails

 “One’s destination is never a place,
but rather a new way of looking at things.”

Henry Miller

Back in June, I made a commitment to play tourist, right here at home. And so, this has become my summer of planes, trains and automobiles.

On this beautiful Saturday, I rode the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad, from Akron’s Northside Station to Pennisula and back again. We made our way through dappled tunnels of summer green, accompanied by the swaying clickety-clack of steel on steel.

And at the end of our journey, there was the train, shining golden in the afternoon sunshine. Not my typical subject but part of “a new way of looking.” Of widening my horizons and my expectations. Of opening my heart to the beauty that exists in all things.

Of being a hometown tourist.

Linking with the August edition of the Photo-Heart Connection, hosted by Kat Sloma


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  1. Love the shiny, golden tones. You make me want to jump on a train. Hurrah for being a hometown tourist!

  2. I just want to open that door and step inside — there’s something so romantic about the trains. You really are widening your horizons and opening your heart to new things. Brava Brenda!

  3. Not your usual subject, no, but a delightful surprise to see this subject photographed with our wonderful eye! I love the idea of being a hometown tourist. There is so much to see, right where we live, when we often pine for something else. Thank you for sharing this wonderful image, and philosophy, in the Photo-Heart Connection!

  4. I love train images and I love how you composed this one! Three of my grandsons and my son are crazy about trains We’ve spent many hours riding and looking at trains. I’ve always been a hometown tourist. Things I’ve seen for years, I now see with different eyes. Like Kat said “there is so much to see, right where we live.” Enjoy your new project!

  5. I love everything about this, Brenda – the gorgeous golden gleam of the train complete with glimpse of sky in the window (signature Brenda!:), the idea of being a hometown tourist, and ‘seeing with different eyes’! So beautiful, all of it!

  6. I love this photo, good for you th broaden your photographic horizons!

  7. Your image makes me wonder about the many miles that train traveled and about the people who rode it, where they were going or perhaps what they were running away from. It looks as if your hometown tourist project is a big success.

  8. What a beauty is that train your photo and the color of it is just great

  9. LOVE. Wish I took this one!!

  10. Love this image, especially that glimpse of cloud, reflected.

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