The August Break 2013: Day 27


The August Break 2013

Linking with Texture Tuesday, hosted by Kim Klassen (Textures: Golden and Confidence)


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  1. My. Oh, my! What a handsome dude! 🙂 He is utterly regal and gorgeous. And, I love the lines and textures that surround him. Such a striking piece!

  2. This is a very striking image. I love what your treatment of the image has done to the reflections in the glass. I love that checker board pattern. Beautiful work!

  3. Call me odd, but I see more in the windows at the top then in that large sculpture taking over the scene. Maybe you’ve trained me to see things in architecture. Do you see the winking eye and the misplaced mouth above? Did I take one too many Tylenol PM’s last night?
    Nice rich image-full of things to ponder, obviously. Happy day my friend.

  4. Such perfectly elegant symmetry. So well composed!!!

  5. Great shot. I love these beautiful architectural details.

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