The August Break 2013: Day 22


The August Break 2013


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  1. Great perspective, love seeing the world through your eyes.

  2. Ooooh yummy. Blue tones are perfect for this. I’m such a fan of your work.

  3. This is majestic! I love this kind of architectural detail and this POV captures it so beautifully! Once again, well done!

  4. Love the symmetry and the pov. Great shot.

  5. August – a time for new perspectives!

  6. Very nice processing that enhances the stone. And the reflection is the cherry…

  7. Wonderful POV! Love the blue tones! I couldn’t look up like this, my neck would be killing me and be toppling over backwards!! Great job!

  8. NIce perspective here, love the reflection too.

  9. Oh yes, I like this one a lot. The angle is arresting, with that horizontal line at the top, the gentle arch, the strong arch, the diagonal lines. Strong, and then the clouds and sky to add softness. Excellent.

  10. What is there to say? This is awesome!

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