The August Break 2013: Day 21


The August Break 2013


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  1. I have to wonder how you managed to capture the train empty like this. Especially love the ‘glow’ in this image….the feeling of emptiness waiting to be filled.

  2. I was thinking the same thing as Marcie…fabulous timing and I love the “shine” in the image. Great feeling of distance through the train cars…all aboard!

  3. Oh, my! I feel like I am looking at a 1940s (or 50s?) ad for the trains. Such glow and polish — makes it all look new. Perhaps you stepped back in time?

  4. I LOVE this perspective, Brenda, and the colors are wonderful!

  5. Fantastic!! Love the blues!

  6. Fabulous! Great find, love the lines and beautiful processing.

  7. You’ve made this old train positively glow. Amazing symmetry.

  8. Beautiful glowing train carriage. Love the lines.

  9. Excellent. I can walk right down that aisle to another car. Simple. Symmetrical. Empty.

  10. An invitation to ride? It’s fun to imagine where the train might take us.

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