Third Thursday Challenge: Wrap-up

If you will indulge me, it is time to wrap up another edition of the Third Thursday Challenge with just a few more mirror experiments.

I had great fun with this challenge. As you can see from these examples, images with strong diagonal lines are prime candidates for this treatment. Those leading lines, when mirrored, pull you even more strongly into the image – allowing you to enter and exit the photograph over and over. These images, while strongly grounded in reality, still create a level of disquiet – you know something isn’t quite right but the wrongness isn’t immediately apparent.

I so appreciate your interest in these explorations of mine – your encouragement means the world to me – thank you to all who commented.

The July challenge link will remain open through the end of the day tomorrow so you still have time to join in.


The Third Thursday Challenge will be on hiatus during August and September. Beginning Thursday, I will be participating in the August Break, enjoying a digital vacation of sorts.  In September, the third Thursday falls the day before my daughter’s wedding. I have a feeling my priorities will be elsewhere.

I haven’t yet decided whether this hiatus will be temporary or permanent.  If this ends up being the final TTC – a sincere thank you to all the participants. Through your example, I have been challenged and inspired to be my best artistic self. You have made this monthly feature so much more than I ever envisioned. Thank you for your support.


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  1. These images are so interesting, I am especially drawn to the last one, with its crisp lines. I have really enjoyed TTC, Brenda. It’s been fun to see all the fascinating things other photographers have been doing, and I’ve learned from all of them. I big thank you for hosting! I’m hoping the hiatus will be temporary, but understand that when our lives change, we have to reorganize our priorities . Hope all the wedding plans are going smoothly.

    • Gina – I appreciate your loyalty to the Third Thursday challenges – I hope you have gained as much as I have from this monthly series.

  2. Love these images, I so have to try this out! I’m doing August break too – kind of feel like I need a break at the minute. Hope the wedding preparations go well, have fun with it all. Such an exciting time. Like Gina, I’m hoping TTC is on temporary hiatus but totally understand if it’s not. Thank you for hosting, it has really encouraged me to try new things which is always a good thing.

    • Becs – I’m glad my mirror experiments have inspired you – would love to see what you come up with using this technique. I appreciate all the contributions you have made to the Third Thursday challenge through the months – I’m so glad the challenge encouraged you to try new things.

  3. If I had Photoshop, I would definitely be trying mirror images. Yours are amazing! Looking for just the right lines and angles must have been challenging, yet fun. There’s seems to be a lot participating in the August break. I think I will, only I don’t quite know how I want to. Still thinking on that! Enjoy your break and especially enjoy the wedding. I hope you’ll share pictures with us! I can’t tell you how much I’ve been inspired by TTC! I will miss it if you decide to not continue, but I do understand that life changes. Thanks, Brenda, for hosting this great link up!

    • Cathy – I’m so glad you enjoyed my mirror experiments – they were definitely lots of fun. And I do hope you decide to participate in The August Break – lots of fun as well.

      It is very gratifying to me to know that the Third Thursday Challenge has been meaningful to you – that is what I hoped to inspire through this monthly feature. After some time away, I may decide that I miss it – we shall see. Thanks so much for being a regular participant. Your personal challenges were always a delight.

  4. I love these mirror images, and will have to read up on this to see how you did this.

    Have a lovely time with the wedding! Such a special time for your family, and I hope all goes well.

    I see that several of us are taking the August Break, too! It will be fun to step back and enjoy other parts of life, but it will be good to connect again as well.

    • Deb – this is one of those techniques which looks much more difficult than it is – the results look very complex but the steps are actually quite simple. Yes, I am definitely looking forward to the August Break – a much needed lull before the wedding chaos of September arrives 🙂

  5. You deserve a fresh breath without boundaries and calendars. Enjoy this time for yourself and preparing for life’s wonderful events. There is a time and place for everything. I applaud you for your decision.

  6. Oh, Brenda! I’m so glad I’ve gotten in here, and in the nick of time! I’m just catching up and see the TTC will be on hiatus for a couple of months and maybe for longer. I have so enjoyed this. It has pushed me – both by the seeing your work and the work of others, and by participating. What a wonderful thing you’ve done by creating this. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Brenda!! And, whatever you decide, I am with you! 🙂 In the meantime, happy August Break. See you there!

    • Juli – So glad that you were able to join up this month as well – I adore your Moon Magic series! And I am gratified to know that the Third Thursday Challenge pushed you artistically and creativity – that was my intent all along – to provide a safe haven for exploration and experimentation. Whatever its future, the TTC has been a success, because of all the participants and their willingness to challenge themselves. Thank you for being there.

  7. That first image is fascinating, drawing me into it. The lightness of it is especially effective in making it seem otherworldly.

  8. You are right — they do have a spooky edge. But they draw you in to the spooky 🙂

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