Wise Words Sunday

“Know how to live
the time that is given you.”

Dario Fo

Textures by Pixel Dust Photo Art and Shadowhouse Creations 


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  1. This is really beautiful, Brenda, and I love the texture you chose for it.
    Happy Sunday to you!

    • Lisa – I loved the way the old clock tower was incorporated into the new, modern re-design of this building – a nod to its history as the company also looks to the future.

  2. The spots of glimmer on the clock tower give beautiful definition and glow…with the texture it looks like sunset, but the clock says something different.

    So glad I can subscribe to your posts now…

    • Sharon – it was one of those overcast afternoons, when the sky was that boring grayish-white – but I loved the clock tower and its combination with the modern parts of the building. The textures rescued that boring sky 🙂

  3. How do you get your lines so straight? Especially those verticals. Nicely done. (This image feels a bit off balance to me–too heavy on the left.)

    • Anita – One of the first things I do to almost every image (after RAW processing) is very liberal application of the Perspective Crop tool (CS6) to correct for perspective distortion and lines things up with the edges of the frame. If the distortion is very extreme, I will repeat the crop tool over and over in very small increments, working on each side of the frame individually. I often shoot “wide”, knowing that I will be cropping to line things up.

      And I appreciate your input on the composition of this image – for me, the negative space of the sky balances the building on the left, all those diagonal lines leading you to the clock face. My goal was to show how the architects chose to combine the old (the clock tower) with the new modern building – I liked that juxtaposition.

  4. I like the contrast of the old and new…..a great image and a wonderful quote to go with it. You always manage to find the perfect words for your image, or is it the other way around?

    • Thanks, Gina! I loved this combination of old and new as well – that the architects managed to retain the beauty of the original building, while surrounding it with the new.

      As far as the quotes – most of the time I have an image and then search for a quote to go with it. I tend to be rather literal with my combinations (a clock, therefore a quote about time) and would like to develop a more conceptual aesthetic, which might challenge both me and the viewer to see the connection between image and words.

  5. Brenda, this quote spoke to me today as I ponder various aspects of my life. The contrast of new and old plays into that, too. It was a surprise to discover the old clock tower as I scrolled down to see the whole image.

    • Lee – it is always so encouraging to me when one of my quote/image combinations touches someone else – brings some clarity or wisdom to their current situation. That was my hope for this series – I am so grateful to pass along the words of wisdom that are meaningful to me.

  6. Beautiful! I’m with Gina. The first thing I saw was the contrast between the old and the new. The clock making me think how time changes styles. Love the quote, too. I took some pictures of two clock towers this week. I may need to steal this quote!

    • Cathy – the contrast of old versus new was what I was trying to capture with this image. And please – you are more than welcome to “steal” this quote – wise words are there to inspire everyone.

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