Crazy Kaleidoscope


Pushing the reality envelope with mirrored reflections. Kaleidoscopes of abstract fun – created by mirroring the original image both horizontally and vertically.

What are you playing with this month? Why not join the other Third Thursday Challenge participants and share your latest experiments with us.



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  1. These are great, love them!

    • Thanks, Becs! I wasn’t sure if they were too “out there” or not but they certainly made for fun playtime.

  2. Fun! Okay, now I’m really motivated to try some kaleidoscopes again.

    • Gina – oh, I am always thrilled when my work inspires someone else to give it a try – would love to see the results of your experimentation.

  3. By Golly, Ms. Brenda, you just constantly amaze me…been awhile since visiting and I knew it would be a great visit of amazing photography…and manipulation. Every time I see an architectural aspect of interest I think of you. Your kaleidoscopes are BEYOND amazing. They should be prints or cards…placed in black frames…the print raised above the mat board…would be stunning. I saw a painting today that was similar to that, but of course not complex designs like you are doing. You are becoming a master of CS6….I just subscribed so am back to a big learning curve. Are you giving pointers? smile.
    I am so glad that I can subscribe now to your blog, I find the only way I get to blogs is to have them land in my mailbox….and it is the best kind of mail. I wish I could think of something to post in your 3rd Thursday, but all my time is spent learning CS6, etc. and not really creative things. I surely would if I had something worthwhile.

    Your website is beautiful as ever. Always wishing the best for you. Sharon

    • Sharon – glad to have you back to visit again – thanks so much for subscribing – it is a privilege to be invited into your mailbox. I’m glad you enjoyed my kaleidoscopes – they are fun and really quite easy to do.

      But I also completely understand the learning curve with Photoshop – I was lucky to learn the software in a college classroom environment and then gain additional experience during a 6 month internship at a graphic design firm. I don’t envy anyone who attempts the self-teaching route – it is certainly a challenge. I just upgraded from CS6 to Adobe Creative Cloud so now I need to put in the time learning the new features in the upgraded suite – which includes Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. So I feel your pain 🙂

      As far as the Third Thursday Challenge – share with us some of your PS learning if you like. In any event, thanks so much for stopping by!

  4. Breathtaking! I love the contrasting lines in the first one, but the second one…simply amazing!!

    • Thanks, Cathy! One of those projects that looks much more difficult than it is. With the right image, you can get some very interesting results. Glad you enjoyed my kaleidoscope playtime!

  5. These are awesome, great patterns that you’ve created!

  6. Wonderful images, Brenda. The second one, in particular, would make a deviously difficult jigsaw puzzle!

  7. I really love this Brenda, so very cool.

    • Thanks, Kathryn – I have enjoyed my mirror playtime – looking back through the archives, finding images that will work with this technique. Older images can become something completely new and different – I like that.

  8. Brenda, you’ve created something completely new and original through this mirroring technique. Wow! The images are spectacular. The first one looks like inlaid wood with mother of pearl, and the second – stained glass. I can not tell where the original images begin and end – and that’s the beauty. It’s not about what they came from, it is the creation of something completely new…and so beautiful! Thanks, Brenda. You continue to inspire!

    • Juli – your kind words lift me up – thank you so much, my friend, for always encouraging my experiments and explorations. I appreciate it more than you know. I’m glad you enjoyed my crazy kaleidoscopes – the original images were both taken in downtown Houston, Texas – the diagonal and curving lines lent themselves well to the double-mirroring technique.

  9. So very cool…and such fun!! Love what you’re doing here…wonderful inspiring work!

    • Marcie – these were loads of fun – there is that moment when you see the mirrored results and there is that tiny burst of Wow! – something new has been created 🙂

  10. You created some wonderful kaleidescopes.
    I’m too busy and distracted to do Third Thursday this month.

  11. Brenda, these are amazing! I love kaleidoscopes and these images are perfect kaleidoscopic representations. I agree about framing them as Sharon describes. That second one, especially – I’m not really into abstract art, but I’d hang that on my wall in a heartbeat! I can imagine staring at it and drifting into a meditative state….

    • Lee – such a great compliment – to know that my abstract images speak to you in this way – especially since this type of work is outside your “norm”. Thank you.

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