Up the Down Staircase

I am taking your excellent advice, keeping it short and sweet.

I’m not sure if this latest mirrored image is necessarily worth a thousand words but perhaps you will find it worth several hundred.


Have you joined in with this month’s Third Thursday Challenge yet? The link will be open until July 31st – why not share with us your latest artistic challenge.


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  1. Sometimes no words is a good thing. Images can speak for themselves, and yours have a lot to say in their graphic way. Open for wide interpretation. I think perhaps I should shut up sometimes.
    I think August is the month for that “break” on the words. Perhaps it is perfectly timed for you. I’ve never done that before. Maybe I should.
    Sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate, both happy and sad as life tends to hand us regularly. I hope it all sorts itself out.
    Love this image. Reminds me of an escalator at a shopping mall.

    • Susan – yes, the official August Break can’t come too soon for me this year. My plate is full and I have nothing left to give here, at least in terms of words. So I think I will embrace that “no words” concept for a while.

      This was one of my first parking garage images – there was something about the shape of the outside staircase that intrigued me. It was the beginning of my love affair with parking decks as well as graphic architectural subjects. So I’m rather fond of it. Glad you liked it.

  2. Really wonderful lines in this, Brenda!

    • Lisa – lines are one of the major things that attract me to a scene – and this one had great lines. I thought those lines worked really well as a mirrored image.

  3. I came here because I published a post on abstract photography today and thought “I should link to some of Brenda’s buildings.” Lo and behold, I find this amazing abstract piece. Wow!

    • Kim – serendipity strikes again 🙂 I’m glad my explorations into “mirroring” dovetailed so nicely with your fine piece on abstraction.

  4. This is beautiful in its simplicity and unity, Brenda! No words needed.
    Yes, I recommend the August Break tradition of wordless images. It really is a nice change. It sounds like you have a lot going on — be good to yourself and simplify as much as possible. Sending good wishes your way.

    • Gina – I have participated in the August Break in past years and found it to be a welcome relief from the writing pressures – it comes at a good time for me so I plan to take advantage of it this year as well. Glad this image didn’t need many words 🙂

  5. Another great mirrored image. I admire how you keep coming up with new views.

    • Thanks, Anita. I have enjoyed going back through my archive searching for additional mirror possibilities – making something old new again.

  6. Love the title and the image.

  7. The light and dark contrast appeals to me and of course, those mirrored lines! I’ve not heard of the August break before, but it sounds nice!

  8. I think architects will be jealous of your mirrored images–some may be brave enough to attempt in steel, concrete, and glass what you’ve created out of pixels, imagination and creativity. Wonderful!

    • Wanda – Ha! I love thinking that architects (who I greatly admire for their ability to build something from nothing) would be inspired by my digital experiments with their real-life pieces as my starting point.

  9. I’m imagining walking up this staircase and meeting myself at the top! As for August break – I like that idea. I’ve effectively taken an unplanned break already for the past month, having posted nothing at all. Just not in the mood, I suppose, with too many things on my mind. Perhaps a month of wordless posts is what I need to get started again. My thoughts and best wishes are with you as you deal with all that’s going on in your world.

    • Lee – Oh, I like that thought, of meeting myself there at the top 🙂 And yes, the August Break can’t come soon enough for me this year. While the majority of my life happenings are very good things, things to celebrate, I have still found myself too distracted to engage in this space in a meaningful way. And yet, I still haven’t been able to let go of my internally-mandated posting schedule – so I’m here, but only partially. I admire you for taking a REAL break – just because you needed to – although you have definitely been missed. I encourage you to consider the August Break – participating in whatever way works for you.

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