A Message of Growth

I am again at odds with this online space of mine.

It is not image creation that has been difficult – but finding words.

My head is full of other things – wedding plans and bridal shower plans and a family member in the hospital.

All the eddies and swirls of daily life storm inside my head, drowning out everything else.

My photo walks are my meditation – the time when the questions cease and plans are momentarily shelved. But the walks don’t help with the writing.

So, here are some images – all showing tiny spurts of growth in unexpected places, intertwined in the architecture I love – a common theme of miraculous growth. I wasn’t seeking this but it found me anyway.

I’m not sure what it means but will trust that the answer will be revealed. And that words will soon return.


Are you ready for the July edition of the Third Thursday Challenge? Coming to you on July 18th – the link will be open through the end of the month. At this point, it appears my challenge will be finding words. What will your challenge be?



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  1. I love your perspective in both image and words…

  2. I know it’s an old cliche but I really think images do speak a thousand words, so maybe stick with them for a bit. You have so much going on at the minute, maybe just go with the flow. I know waiting sucks but they will be back. In the meantime, your images are always, always amazing and so eloquent in themselves.

    • Becs – clichés have power because they are based on a kernel of truth. For now, maybe you are right and I should embrace this one until things settle down a little. I appreciate the heartfelt advice.

  3. I love these images, and your title, Unexpected Growth. I have a series I call “bloom where you’re planted” – images of flowers growing out of walls, cracks in pavement, solid rock faces, etc. There’s something inspiring about nature’s ability to thrive in an unfriendly environment.

    With all that you have going on, I’m not surprised you find it hard to focus on words for your blog. Don’t worry, they will come. If you want, you can just let the pictures speak their “thousand words” themselves. And, of course, you can always take a break if you need and want to!

    • Lee – I am a big fan of your “bloom where you are planted” series – my unexpected growth shots could certainly fit in with that thought of thriving within an unfriendly environment. This kind of thing isn’t something I normally notice – but then I was suddenly seeing examples of it everywhere I looked.

      And I may let things get a little quiet around here for a while until things return to something a little closer to normal.

  4. It seems that we often find what we are looking for in our photographs and the meaning often comes later. I find it striking and exciting that you have discovered all of these beautiful examples of growth in unlikely places. Sometimes the words need to take a backseat for awhile, especially when life is calling you to other things.

    • Kim – it’s funny – I usually avoid including natural elements in my images but for some reason these images of unexpected growth spoke to me. As for now, I don’t know why. But I will accept this gift of seeing something different.

  5. I love the little bits of nature you’ve spotted. These images do speak well by themselves, although I love when you speak! I think we all go through times of being speechless or being in a photography rut. I always tell myself “this to shall pass.”

    • Cathy – it helps knowing that we all go through these times of not knowing what to say. Or feeling like we have nothing to add to the conversation. That “this too shall pass”. We just have to accept what is and trust that it will change.

  6. Good job findind live plants in the city!

    • Anita – most of the time, I go out of my way to exclude nature from my urban images so I am slightly surprised as to why these particular compositions struck a chord with me.

  7. Brenda! Your images are spectacular. I love this new series..and I love that it found you. Sometimes we have to sit quiet and wait, and we are found. Your words strike me, too. For they are true, and honest, and hold their own magic. Thanks, Brenda for bring the struggle and the beauty here to this place, and to us.

    • Juli – it is one of those series (if three images make a “series”) that seemed to come from nowhere. I wasn’t even looking for this subject – generally I purposefully exclude natural items from my compositions. So why these images found me I cannot say. But there they were, all within a few days. So I decided to listen.

  8. I do love these pieces of life that you’ve found. Beautiful images. I agree with some of the others- a picture paints a thousand words!

  9. I love these images of unexpected growth. It has been a difficult summer here, for many reasons. Maybe there’s growth I’m not seeing — I hope!

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