Wise Words Sunday


“Art is not what you see,
but what you make others see.”

Edgar Degas



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  1. Perfect quote of a perfect reflection!! Love the clear reflection!

    • Thanks Cathy. I have walked by this many, many times – but this is the first time the reflection was so very clear and the sky so very perfect. The thought that there are still things to find, even in areas I “know” so well, is exciting to me.

  2. Wonderful reflection. I like how the building and its reflection are the same size and positioned opposite each other, but that the building on the right, containing the reflection, is taller. It seems as if the larger building contains the smaller one. Very nice work. Did I mention the gorgeous blues, and the clouds? Great colors.

    • Anita – the taller building is actually diagonally across the street from the reflected building. I have attempted to capture these reflections many times but on this day I was there at the right moment, with the sun and my position below at just the right angle to capture this optical illusion. I like that idea that the larger building has swallowed the smaller one.

  3. I’m going to add a comment now that I’ve finished with the photo and am focusing on the quote. I’ve almost no idea what I make others see. I’d like to know.

    • Anita – yes, the quote raises an interesting point – what do others see when they look at our work? Much of the time, we don’t learn the answer to that question – our work goes out into the world and we may get feedback from our regular circle of viewers. But we rarely get the deeper level of input that answers this question. I suppose that is part of any artistic pursuit – we can only release the work, knowing that it will impact each person differently, based on their own likes and dislikes, history and personal story.

  4. So true, and this image is the perfect example of that. Fabulous reflection.

    • Thanks, Becs. This was a fun one to capture and edit – doing everything I could to line up the building and its reflection to make them look like “twins”.

  5. Wowee, zowee — that’s a great shot! You are such a gifted artist, my friend!

    • Thanks so much, Gina! I did have fun with this one – working it so that the building and its reflection lined up just so. I am so pleased that I was able to create what I envisioned in my head.

  6. Such a fantastic perspective this is, Brenda.
    Love this shot (and the quote too!!)

    • Thanks, Lisa. I enjoyed the challenge of this shot – finding the right POV that would capture the reflection just so.

  7. I hope that building is admiring itself in that perfect reflection, and not looking for its aging flaws in the presence of its bigger, newer cousin. It’s a wonderful image, Brenda.

    As for what we _make_ others see….I don’t know about that. When I put several images together on my blog, it’s always interesting to me that my readers pick different ones as their favorite, and their comments as to why. They relate to them in ways that I never even thought of. Art is so subjective by its very nature, and each of us brings our own self and life experience to it – in both creating and viewing it. But maybe Degas didn’t mean “make” in the sense of “force” that I’m reading into this quote.

    • Thanks Lee. I hope so too – that building has many fine, fine details that deserve to be honored and recognized.

      You are so right – about how a viewer brings their self to the viewing of our work, which changes the experience completely. I have been continually surprised about what others see in my own work. And I do think that Degas was talking about that experience – that art is the viewer’s experience – that through our work we help others see something new. That something new will be different for everyone.

  8. Beautiful reflection in this photo, love it.

  9. Perfect quote for this image. I love that the entire building is reflected in the glass. I’m so glad you help me see what don’t on my own. Fabulous color of both brick and glass!

    • Suzette – for me, photography offers two gifts – the special “seeing” with a photographer’s eye, bringing me a world I never noticed before. And sharing it with the viewer – you help me see my own images in a different way. Thank you for that.

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