What's Important


“It is not so important how we create,
it is important that we create.”

Freeman Patterson


I have yet to grow weary of shadow shots. The lines and patterns never fail to intrigue and excite. Composed only of sunlight and its absence, they are changeable and temporary, here but for a single moment.

Yet, sometimes I second-guess myself. Have I already said everything I can say about shadows? Have I begun repeating myself? Does anybody care about one more shadow image?

But then I stumble across an image like this one – monochrome except for that bar, in the perfect shade of ruby red, and I realize it doesn’t really matter.

As Patterson says, it is the act of creation itself that is important.

And this is my creation.



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  1. Please don’t second guess yourself! Your Shadow Play series is gorgeous–I just went through all those images. Seeing them all at one time creates impact, though seeing just one has a different type of impact. Both impacts are powerful.
    I love the one you posted today. That red is magnificent. The lines are just right–diagonals, verticals, horizontals in different widths and creating patterns and shapes of their own. An outstanding photo.
    You are a master of light and shadow. I can imagine an exhibit or book of these images.

    • Anita – thanks for the encouragement! While I try to ignore that voice – you know, the one that says I am only repeating myself, blah, blah, blah – it is sometimes difficult not to listen. But oh that red! That certainly convinced me that this image was worth posting.

  2. Love this and love your thoughts. The thing I love about photography is that one can take the same image over and over and yet it will always be different to a greater or lesser degree. I find that in itself fascinating and never tire of seeing those differences. I’m glad you haven’t grown weary of shadow shots – I haven’t either and always look forward to seeing your interpretations.

    • Becs – I’m not sure why I even listen to that inner voice that whispers (or sometimes shouts) “you’ve already taken that shot or one just like it – can’t you come up with anything NEW?” After all, it is a long-standing tradition for artists to deeply explore a single subject. In this case, I’m glad I ignored it and posted this image. And glad that you have not tired of my shadows either.

  3. What an absolutely perfect quote. I remind myself – often – that even if the subject matter we’re photographing is ‘the same’…we’re always seeing it thru fresh new eyes. And – you’ve done so beautifully here!

    • Marcie – you are the queen of finding infinite ways to explore and portray the same places. I learn from your images and example every day. Thanks for the encouraging words.

  4. What I like about this shot is knowing those vertical red bars caused those diagonal black shadows…even though there is no visible connection between them. I find that intriguing and rather metaphorical. I’ll be pondering those ideas for a while.

    • Lee – I didn’t actually think of it that way – but you are right – that is the element of mystery in this shot, isn’t it? It doesn’t seem possible that one created the other – and yet, we know it did. Thanks for providing your thoughts and ways of looking at this image.

  5. Love these shadows, Brenda, and that little “pop” of red is simply perfect.

    • Thanks, Lisa! Yes, it was that red bar that made this image for me – the perfect complement to the shadows.

  6. I don’t think you could ever exhaust the particular beauty you find in shadows. Keep snapping those photos for us!

    • Lisa – thanks for the vote of confidence in my continuing shadow series. It helps to know that others still find them of interest.

  7. Love this shadow shot. Shadows are really amazing, I’m quite captivated by them as well.

    • Leanne – they are amazing, aren’t they? They are one of my favorite subjects – and something that I never noticed before photography taught me to see.

  8. I will never ever tire of your shadow shots! So, don’t be listening to that inner voice! You find and capture the most amazing shadows. I love this one with the bright pop of read!

  9. Stunning work! I would love to see this one on canvas. I’m sure any gallery would accept it. It’s really, really good. I’m also glad to have read the quote today. My camera is full of photos, but I have yet to download them. My mind is on painting my house…so I’m happy that photography and processing images isn’t the only way to create. I’ve been to the paint store multiple times now and maybe I’ve decided on the first color to begin with. I love a house full of color and since this house is new…the builder painted one shade of beige throughout. The images in the camera will need to wait a while. :o)

    • Suzette – yes, creating a pleasing home environment is most definitely a creative endeavor – when we surround ourselves with colors and items that inspire us, all our work is enhanced. Go paint crazy – the images will wait 🙂

  10. I will never tire of your shadows, Brenda. :))

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