The Boys


As most of you know, I don’t photograph things that move and 4-year-old grandsons definitely fall within the “continuously moving” category.

So, time spent with our little guy is generally sans camera. But on a trip to the local playground, I decided to take it along.

Yes, there are poles growing out of his head and I had to clone additional leaves in the background to mitigate the blown-out sky.

But somehow I managed to capture that look of pure joy on their faces – grandpa and grandson, sharing a moment of laughter before the exhilarating ride to the bottom. If there is an image that illustrates the bond between Elliot and his Pop-Pop, this is it.

My heart wants to explode with love for them both. My two boys.

How very lucky I am.


To my friends in the States, Happy Fourth! May your day be filled with brightly-colored fireworks!


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  1. What a fabulous image!! Love the expression of pure joy you captured here. Time is fleeting. You should experiment with photographing moving ‘objects’ (especially if they’re as endearing as this sweet one) like this! Happy 4th of July!!!

    • Marcie – I know, I know! I just get so frustrated when I try to capture people that it ruins my time with them – especially my limited time with Elliot. But I am really, really glad to have captured this image – it just sums up their relationship so perfectly. Happy 4th to you!

  2. You know, I would have loved the photo anyway…cloning or not, pole or not. I didn’t notice them at all-just the sweet moment. Take that camera along more often!

    • Susan – I just find the whole process of photographing people extremely frustrating and nerve-wracking. And my camera has limitations in its ability to capture motion – if I go into one of the shooting modes, like “Sports” or “Children”, then I can’t shoot in RAW and lose the quality. I know – I should stop complaining and just get out there and practice. And then I would end up with keepers like this one.

  3. Gorgeous shot. I absolutely love the moment you’ve captured between them. For me, expressive photography like this is very forgiving of stray poles and leaves but well done for taking the time to clone them out! I agree with Marcie and Susan – take that camera along, you should do more of this photography. ps love Elliot’s very cool Scooby Doo t-shirt. 🙂

    • Thanks Becs! My little guy is a HUGE Scooby-Doo fan 🙂

      When I am shooting my usual subjects, I am extremely conscious of everything in the frame and pride myself in checking all the corners and avoiding unwanted background elements. But put me in front of people and I kind of freak out – I am so worried about capturing them, that it’s like I am blind to the rest of the frame – hence, poles growing from heads.

  4. Oh, Brenda, what a wonderful capture of your guys! What joy! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. And, like Susan, I wouldn’t even
    notice blown out sky or where the poles are — the expressions on their faces are so riveting.

    • Thanks, Gina! I was thrilled with this image – captured just at the perfect moment of mutual laughter – they look so delighted with one another, don’t they?

  5. Pure Joy! They will both remember this moment. So wonderful that you were able to capture it for the ages!

    • Michele – I am so very, very glad that I managed to captured that moment – and now we will have it forever and remember.

  6. This is really lovely, you’ve captured a beautiful moment!

    • Leanne – yes, I am SO glad that I decided to take the camera along on that outing. Since our little guy is 8 hours away, time with him is extra-precious – now I will have this moment forever.

  7. Perfect moment! When I take pictures of my five grandsons, which are absolutely never still, I have given up trying to take the perfect shot and the perfect background. It’s not easy, I’m very critical of the shots I take of them. But, because of giving up, I capture many precious photos! Not perfect, by any means, but precious to me!

  8. You captured pure joy. It is important to take these snapshots of the important people and moments in our lives. They mean so very much. What joy to watch the two of them having fun. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I laughed when you said you “don’t photograph things that move” – and then you went and did it anyway. The result is wonderful! Your boys are both very handsome, but it’s the joy in their faces that make this image priceless.

    I think you should shoot things that move more often, and try those shooting modes. To be honest, I’ve never shot in RAW (yet). I’m happy with the quality I get with JPEGs, maybe because I don’t know any better. But sometimes getting the shot is better than not, and there’s a lot to be said for “good enough.”

    • Lee – I know that everyone is right and I should commit myself to mastering the art of capturing “the moving”. But I just get so frustrated – and then it interferes with my enjoyment of our time together. Even though the memories captured are wonderful treasures, I also don’t want to miss the time because I was worried about camera settings. Like most things, it is a question of balance.

  10. Ohhh..this just makes me teary…All that joy, all that love! This is what it’s all about. Brenda, this is just such a beautiful moment, captured forever. Beautifully done, my friend.

  11. So proud of you for trying something new, and you did a fabulous job with this!

  12. Never would have known you had manipulated this photo if you hadn’t said anything. Lovely. And it brought a twinge to my own heart as my own boys are growing up (teenagers now) and I’m missing having little ones around.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by my little corner of cyberspace! I’m glad this image resonated with you, bringing back good memories of your little ones.

  13. You are indeed, and what handome fellas they are!

  14. beautifully captured moment! i hear what you’re saying about frustrations with ‘moving objects’ and not wanting to spend too much time with camera settings. i had the same problem for a while, but not anymore…. someone advised me to keep my camera in continuous shooting mode (burst mode). i have been doing that ever since, and almost always end up with one or two keepers :-)) i also read about it on digital photography school
    maybe you should try it, i have noticed it is a lot less intrusive, because i never have to worry about capturing the right moment, it is always there on my camera when i get home….

    • Thank you for the advice and the link to the DPS article – it is definitely something I will have to explore further. Ideally, I can find a combination of burst mode that still lets me shoot RAW.

  15. My favorite images of my daughters are those wide open smiles. You capture this perfectly!

  16. May I say how very happy this image makes me feel? The two of them, your precious boys, totally engaged in whatever boys do and say to one another… This photo is a treasure for sure!

    • Thanks Wanda! I do love this image – that special moment between grandfather and grandson. Now if I could just master the technical issues so that I can capture more of the same.

  17. Yes! This is truly a heart connection. What a great interaction you captured. I’m glad you went with your heart! Thanks for sharing in the Photo-Heart Connection, and sorry for my delay in visiting. I’m getting caught up with June along with July’s PHC!

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