Third Thursday Challenge Wrap-up: June

Prism Doubled

A final diptych combination – reflections from the Akron Art Museum, a glass and steel architectural wonder.

I like the way this combination creates a kind of jig-saw puzzle effect – you aren’t quite sure how it all fits together or even if it does fit together. I like creating images that cause the viewer to take a second look, not quite sure what they are seeing. Where there is a bit of mystery about the subject or how the image was created.

I hope my explorations have inspired you to give diptychs a try – I would love to see what stories you can tell with multiple images.

Thanks to everyone who took part in this month’s challenge – as always, you have surprised and inspired. Because of you and your willingness to stretch yourselves, this monthly feature has become so much more than I envisioned. Thank you for making it a success.

The June link-up will be open through the end of the day – so you still have time to join in. The Third Thursday Challenge will return July 18 – mark your calendars now. How will you challenge yourself next month?


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  1. Love this diptych Brenda, it does make you look twice, beautiful!

  2. I love how the angle of the lines are almost identical in both images! this turned out beautiful!

    • Thanks, Cathy. I wish I could claim that it was intentional – that I foresaw how these images would fit together as I was taking the shots but all that happened during post-processing.

  3. It’s a dyptych that doesn’t even look like a diptych – very creative.

    • Kim – yea, I think I pushed the diptych envelope slightly with this one – but I just couldn’t resist putting these reflection images together.

  4. Love this one. I can hardly tell where the two images come together. If you hadn’t clued me in, I would have thought it one image. Love the jumble that somehow comes together.

    • Anita – yes, I think I broke some of the diptych “rules” with this one but I couldn’t resist combining these images – piecing together a whole from their many parts.

  5. You are very good at getting that second look — and third and fourth . . .! Love this puzzle.

    • Lisa – I couldn’t have asked for a better compliment – I’m happy with engaging the viewer in a second look. If they come back for more, than I am thrilled.

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