The Illuminating Glow

The Illuminating Glow


“There are two kinds of light –
the glow that illuminates,
and the glare that obscures.”

 James Thurber


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  1. definitely an illuminating glow in this image 🙂

  2. I love that word, ‘illuminate’…there’s gentle power in it. Your photograph is beautiful! Your image and this quote make me wonder how we can be illuminators in our lives. and, how we can bring that energy into our work…just as you do. Beautiful post, Brenda.

    • Juli – what a wonderfully profound comment – I like that idea of becoming an “illuminator”, to both ourselves and outward, to the wider world around us. Your comments always make me see more, both about myself and my work.

  3. I love the quote, and your image is gorgeous, Brenda! Juli is right — the word illuminate is so descriptive!

    • Gina – I’ve never really thought about it before, but yes, illuminate is such a powerful word. What I like about this image is the fact that the light transforms such a mundane space – the interior of a parking garage.

  4. Lovely. I am learning this truth in writing too . . .

  5. Brenda, you find the best quotes! And only you could find so much beauty – and, yes, illumination – in a parking garage! I too like the word Illumination. It sort of glows from within, in my mind’s eye.

    • Thanks, Lee! I do have a rather odd fascination with parking garages – I like them for both their interiors, with the girders and harsh lighting and for the “up-top” views they provide of my city. I’ve gotten some great shots from “up there”. And you are right – illumination is one of those words that just sounds like what it is – with that internal glow.

  6. Echoing what everyone else has written really. But also to add that I am so inspired by the beauty you see and show in places like car parks. Brilliant.

    • Becs – car parks have been very good for me – I’ve done some of my best urban shooting within or on top of them.

  7. Fantastic lines, and so perfect for black and white, Brenda!

    • Lisa – this image just seemed to call out for black and white – it really showed off the textures and the glowing light.

  8. Amazing Brenda… Only you could see this! No wonder you like parking garages.

    • Suzette – I have developed quite a positive relationship with parking garages over the years. I enjoy their architecture and the “up-top” viewpoint they give me of my downtown area. Glad you liked this one.

  9. I love that quote . . . goes perfect with this image.

  10. Fantastic light! I was in a parking garage recently and found myself looking at it through different eyes. I looked at the lines, repetition and light and thought…hmmm I wonder how Brenda would photograph this?

    • Cathy – this one really made me smile. To think that my work has influenced you in such a way that you looked at a parking garage differently – it really doesn’t get any better than that 🙂

  11. I’ll comment with a short story…

    I’m fortunate enough to park in the garage adjacent to the building where I work. I appreciate the protection it provides from weather and other hazards, especially with my early morning hours. I’ve been doing the very same thing every work day for nearly a decade, so you can imagine my surprise when…

    on a dark and foggy morning not too long ago, I very nearly ran into some sort of maintenance vehicle. It was parked very near the upramp of the garage while its operator was some distance away doing whatever he was supposed to do.

    Had that tractor been even a foot or two closer to the upramp, I would probably have a crumpled fender as a memory of the encounter.

    In a subsequent e-mail exchange with building’s property manager, I learned that the maintenance guy was supposed to be there much earlier (between midnight and 3 AM) but some mishap (oversleeping?) meant he was there when I definitely wasn’t expecting him…and though I can’t prove it, I think there was also a lighting issue involved.

    Still, all’s well that ends well…

    • Wanda – when I was still working we had a covered parking deck as well and like you, I greatly appreciated the protection it provided. I can certainly imagine your surprise to find a vehicle where one wasn’t expected. Especially in the early morning hours, when it is dark and you are probably running on morning auto-pilot. I’m glad there was no mishap – other than a wildly beating heart, I imagine, at being so surprised.

  12. What gorgeous ‘illuminating’ light….it truly calls out and glows. And – such a perfect accompanying quote – YES!

    • Marcie – I like how a the standard-issue security lighting inside a parking garage can be transformed into “illuminating” light. That certainly demonstrates the magical power of photography.

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