Wise Words Sunday

Memory and Dreams

“Yesterday is but today’s memory,
and tomorrow is today’s dream.”

 Khalil Gibran


For the next week, my number one job is babysitter for the world’s greatest grandson. I’ll be checking in as often as I can but words will be few – after all, there are Duplo spaceships to build and books to read and Transformers to transform.

The Third Thursday Challenge for June is underway – have you joined in yet?


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  1. An interesting image. I assume it is all a reflection.
    You will have a wonderful, if exhausting, week. Enjoy!

    • Anita – yes, a reflection it is – I was looking in the window of a gallery that is being renovated and was struck by the combination of the scene behind me with the construction work inside. I liked the juxtaposition of the two.

  2. Love the reflections. A perfect pairing with the quote. And – enjoy every beautiful moment with your grandson. This moment only happens once – :-)!!!

    • Marcie – I imagine that we will be pleasantly exhausted by the end of the week. It is amazing how much energy a four-year-old boy can expend.

  3. Carpe diem, Brenda! There is nothing better than playing with a grandchild — enjoy, enjoy!

    p.s. I will be joining TTC later this week.

    • Gina – I plan to have a great time with our little guy over the next week. Since we live 8 hours away, this is a precious opportunity. Looking forward to your TTC contribution.

  4. Hm, that image really speaks to the transience of Now, and the quote to the importance of living in it. I’m glad you’re going to be enjoying the time you’ll have with your grandson. It will pass all too quickly.

  5. This image has such a dreamy magic!

    • Lisa – I was struck by the combination of newly-constructed with the retro reflection – creating a different dream-world.

  6. Again…love your words! I hope you’re enjoying time with your grandson. I bet you are the best grandma.

    I love the image and the reflection of the car passing through is amazing…well caught!

    • Suzette – there was something about the way the inside construction and the outside world combined together in the reflection that caught my eye. I wish I could claim catching a moving vehicle but the car was parked on the street – I don’t do things that move 🙂 And speaking of things that move, my grandson is a complete frustration when it comes to taking photos. I just give up and enjoy our time together.

  7. Great reflection in this one! Enjoy your week playing!

    • Cathy – I can’t imagine how you handle your multiple grandsons – we will be exhausted after our week with just one 🙂 He is certainly a bundle of energy and I have built many, many Duplo spaceships so far this week.

  8. Spaceships trump blog ANY day. Grandchild…pure bonus. Hope you’re having fun.
    Super amazing reflections shot. Getting that interesting pattern in the window-yum. Awesome eye.

    • Susan – yes, and as expected, I have helped build robots and spaceships and Batman Caves. Duplos are a very big hit around here. We are definitely having fun – but my husband and I will probably need some recovery time when it is all over.

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