A Downtown Surprise

I like nothing better than to find myself in the middle of a small town, on a bright sunny day.

This image was the result of another tourist expedition – this time to Kent State University and downtown Kent, Ohio. I was simply wandering the streets, seeing what I could see, when I came across this magnificent time-worn facade. Of course, the arched windows would have been enough for me but then there is the curved iron grill-work and the many architectural flourishes. What’s not to love?

Okay, there were those pesky wires between me and the building – but nothing a little Photoshop magic couldn’t fix.

Can you imagine living there – an artist’s studio, all exposed brick and smoothly-worn hardwood floors? The soft afternoon light filtering through those windows?

An unexpected downtown surprise.


Reminder: The June edition of the Third Thursday Challenge will kick-off on Thursday. Mark your calendars now.

Texture Tuesday Processing

  • In Adobe Camera Raw, apply the CoffeeShop Blog Scorched Honey preset
  • Correct perspective distortion and remove wires, using a combination of content-aware fill and the spot-healing brush
  • Add the Autumn Burst texture, blend mode = Overlay
  • Clip a Hue/Saturation adjustment to the texture layer, lowering the saturation and lightness values of the texture
  • Process my mid-tone contrast adjustment to bring out the textures and sharpen the image

Below are the original RAW image and the Photoshop CS6 layers palette:




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  1. I love this image, Brenda!
    Such wonderful textures and tones.

  2. Beautiful shot I love the texture of the image itself en the textures used.

    • Thanks, Miranda. It was one of those “okay-I-can’t-believe-this-building” moments! The trick was trying to get in all the “good stuff” within the frame.

  3. It is so much fun to discover these architectural gems. You did a great job with your processing.

    • Stephanie – I know! I was so happy I headed down that street – it is that possibility of discovery that makes a photo walk so exciting. What is around the next corner?

  4. I do love brick buildings with this wonderful architecture! In our little hodgepodge town, we have two old brick buildings with arched windows, but not as elaborate as these.

    • Evelyn – I was rather amazed at the architectural details of this building – it had things I have never seen before, all combined together into a beautiful hodge-podge that just works.

  5. Oh I can imagine it . . . yes! I love the tones in this image.

  6. Great image I love architectural shots …visiting from Texture Tuesday…

    • Viv – thanks so much for stopping by on your Texture Tuesday rounds! Architecture is photographic subject number 1 for me – modern and shiny or classic and textured – I love it all.

  7. Love it, Brenda…the warm tones of the brick, the light, airiness of the arched windows, the architectural detail. Yes! A lovely downtown surprise!

    • Juli – Yes, this has to be one of my very favorite vintage building facades of all the ones that I have shot over the years. It is the minute attention to detail, the addition of beauty for no reason except that it is beautiful.

  8. You’ve worked your magic here, Brenda! The building, with its arches, is wonderful — what a great find. Do you what it is being used for now?

    • Gina – I knew you would love those arched windows! 🙂 There was a sign on the building but now I don’t remember – I was too taken with what I was seeing.

  9. Beautiful building – love the arches and those railings….and all the gorgeous architectural details.

  10. Your beautiful processing suits this image perfectly!

  11. Beautifully done. It would be a wonderful studio.


    • Earl – I know! Can’t you just picture it? What fun it would be to convert that space and then do there everyday to create.

  12. Great windows! NIce discovery.

    • Leanne – arches are one of my weaknesses – and then when they are in triplicate and combined with the other architectural details, I’m a goner.

  13. Very nice work. Surprises are always wonderful. 🙂

    • Tammy – they are, aren’t they? It’s what fuels my photo walks – that possibility of a new discovery, just around the corner.

  14. Don’t you just love the artistic elements in architecture? I don’t consider myself a graphic person, but in the city, I’m always drawn to patterns. Looks like you are too!

    • Angela – thanks so much for stopping by my little corner of cyberspace. And yes, architecture is my number one favorite subject – I love capturing the graphic elements that it offers.

  15. What a fine building! Such character! I LOVE old buildings, and you found a great one to photograph!

    • Sharon – it IS a fine building, isn’t it? I am just glad to have been a witness to its personality and character. And to be able to share it here, with all of you.

  16. A beautiful find! The more I look at it, the more details I see! Those small squares near the top remind me of quilt blocks!

    • Cathy – yes, this building requires some time to take in all its many details. And those squares do look like quilt blocks – they are so unusual – I don’t think I have come across anything like it before. One of the many reasons that I immediately fell in love with this façade.

  17. What a gorgeous building. It’s an example of artistry for sure–yours, the architect, the masons and other craftsmen. Kudos to the town for preserving buildings such as this one.

    I’m also fascinated by your imagination. In fact, the tone of your writing reminded me of your “Sign of the Times” post so I went back and took a peek–and yes, it was just as special as I recalled (http://www.gottgraphicsdesign.com/2011/10/10/a-sign-of-the-times/).

    • Wanda – it is gorgeous, isn’t it? I feel so lucky to have walked down the right street, in the right light and been pleasantly surprised with this architectural wonder. I am always in awe of buildings like this – where the flourishes serve no purpose other than to beautify – they bring a smile to my face. And thanks for bringing up a favorite image and post.

  18. Beautiful architecture, light and composition. And of course, you brought out the best with post processing. Excellent.

    • Anita – I am always amazed at the architectural detail that can be found on older buildings such as this – flourishes that are just for beauty’s sake. Such details make me happy.

  19. This is so beautiful! And wouldn’t it be a lovely studio? It’s also amazing what Photoshop can do. I’m a bit frustrated with Photoshop, but that’s to be expected. I also love the golden tones…and detail in the brick and iron work. Wonderful find!

    • Suzette – I feel so lucky to have stumbled across this building and all its architectural beauty. And yes, Photoshop is completely amazing and completely frustrating and what would we do without it? Keep plugging away – the effort will be worth it. Even after 3 college courses in PS, I still learn new things all the time.

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