It’s a Photograph


It’s the contrast that attracts – between modern and classic; between warm and cool; between rectangular and curving.

It’s the frame within the frame.

It’s the symmetrical balance.

It’s the feeling that you are peering through to a hidden world – one with a shimmering underwater atmosphere, cool and icy.

It’s the story-telling possibilities –  of another magical realm, there at the furthest reaches of our eyesight.

It’s a photograph; a vision; a story.

What do you see?

Texture Tuesday Processing

  • Process my midtone contrast action to bring out the textures of the bricks
  • Add the Teatime texture, blend mode set to Linear Burn. Mask the glass portion of the window to remove the texture from the reflection.
  • Add the Stained Linen texture and desaturate. Set blend mode to Soft light.
  • Add a Levels adjustment to increase overall contrast, especially in the highlights.

Below are the Photoshop layers palette and the original image:











Linking with Texture Tuesday, hosted by Kim Klassen. My thoughts are with Kim and her family as they face this difficult time together.


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  1. I could not say it better than you did. The contrasts, the symmetry and asymmetry, the simplicity and complexity. Well done.

    • Anita – Since you always leave such insightful comments, that is a huge compliment. Thanks for always taking the time to be here.

  2. A beautiful composition, and edit.

  3. I love this, Brenda, and what a great reflection!
    Wishing you a wonderful day!

    • Thanks, Lisa. Reflections are one of my photographic passions. I love the distorted, refracted view of reality they provide.

  4. Beautiful image. Yes to the story telling possibilities which I always love, A world within a world. (and lovely use of textures).

    • Becs – reflections always provide that feeling of a different, distorted reality but there was something about this one that really gave me that feeling of another world, just behind the glass.

  5. Stunning in every way and again, your words make beautiful sense. And I must say what a wonderful find. Have a wonderful day!

    • Suzette – sometimes you just happen to be in the right place at the right time, when the light is just so – this was one of those times. I am always on the look-out for reflections – once you begin, you start to see them everywhere. Wishing you a great week!

  6. Oh wow! That is awesome!! Love the photo.

    • Thanks, Tammy! Appreciate that you stopped by and took the time to comment. I am always thrilled to generate “wow” reactions 🙂

  7. I love the reflection in the window . . . a view to the unknown, a different world, one holding a secret, a story.

    • Kathryn – I should let Lisa have a crack at this one – I’m sure I would be amazed at where her imagination would take us with this image as the starting point.

  8. Beautiful edit I so love the architecture and the symmetry…

  9. Wonderful! I love architectural photography anyhow but I love what you’ve done with this.

    • Dotti – yes, architectural subjects are high on my favorites list. And when you discover something with these beautiful flourishes and exquisite details – what’s not to love?

  10. The reflections make this image so intriguing — it adds a certain mystery to it. I love all the contrasts and the symmetry. You are such a master of processing too!

    • Gina – yes, there is a sense of mystery about that reflection, so different from it’s surroundings – it makes you wonder and question – where did that come from? And I do appreciate the compliment on my processing skills – I spend a lot of time second-guessing my choices.

  11. The beautiful architecture and symmetry are the first things I see and then the blue pops and I gaze into a dreamy looking other world. Love your image, your processing, and your words!

    • Thanks, Cathy! Yes, who can resist that lovely architecture. This is the Akron Art Museum – which is an intriguing mix of the very classic and extremely modern – a photographic dream.

  12. Oh yes I do see a story in this window waiting to be told. Lovely capture and expression you’ve shared.

    Warm regards,

    • Karla – oh, good! I’m glad that you see the waiting story as well. I guess we can all write our own tale from this imagined beginning.

  13. It IS a photograph! Love all that is going on here, all that you said & all that is seen.

  14. Contrasts indeed. I find myself reaching for those too, without realizing it. Manmade in contrast with nature is a fave. If I’m out in the woods I’m bored until a trail marker or path or boardwalk comes along.
    Lovely processing here-as you know I love reflections and that this one is blue against red, cool against warm soft against hard. Well even the better.
    I’m not much of a texture girl, but stained linen is one I reach for.
    Happy day my friend.

    • Susan – glad you liked my “contrasts” shot. At the time, I was attracted primarily by the reflection – it wasn’t until reviewing it that all the different contrasts became apparent. Don’t you love when that happens?

  15. Wonderful! It is hsrd for me to tell if it is a reflection or am I seeing what is on the inside. Makes me think about what am I really seeing.


    • Earl – Oh, I love it when an image makes you look twice, trying to figure out exactly what you are looking at – that’s what I loved about this one, that feeling that you are seeing INTO the world beyond.

  16. I love reflections too Brenda and I see a magical, other-worldly place in them. This one is startling. It makes you wonder what’s there.

    • Kim – I love that this image made you wonder, to want to know more about what is inside. Causing the viewer to linger and think twice about an image – there’s nothing better than that.

  17. This could be the cover of a mystery novel–I was drawn to the somewhat distorted, other-worldly reflection of the stairway. There’s a story there fore sure.

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