Wise Words Sunday

Light and Line

“Wherever there is light,
one can photograph.”

Alfred Stieglitz



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  1. Good morning!

    I was looking forward to your post today. I’m always inspired by what is written and what I see on Wise Words Sunday. Today is no exception. I love the soft light and shadows of the image and those peaceful blue tones that I always find in your work. Today is a good day!

    What a beautiful message from Alfred Stieglitz…we must always look for the light…in everything.

    Take care, Brenda and have a wonderful day!

    • Suzette – what a wonderful thought – to know that you are looking forward to my Sunday quote feature! I’m glad this one provided inspiration, in word and image. I am definitely partial to that blue-green toning – it just seems to “work” with so many of my images. Wishing you a great Sunday and fantastic week ahead!

  2. What a beautiful quote. And, the light you’ve found to photograph for this image – beautiful! Soft. Illuminating. Gentle. And, I love Suzette’s comment, too. ‘We must always look for the light.’ All in all, a stunning way to start this day!

    • Juli – yes, we must always look for the light – in photography and life. This image was helped along a bit by the Orton Effect and some blue/green toning in order to further enhance the already beautiful light.

  3. Great quote, and I love the lines and shadows in this, Brenda.

    Happy Monday to you!

  4. As always, I’m enjoying trying to figure out what this is and how you did it. It feels like being on an elevator between floors. I love the quote!

    • Lee – I admit to liking it when it isn’t quite clear where or how a particular image was created – I enjoy that abstract quality. Not to spoil the surprise but this one was taken on a skywalk between a parking deck and an office building. I find skywalks to offer interesting light and shadow play and interesting views from “on high”.

  5. I think this photo is a good example of photographing light, and of course, shadows, shapes, colors, but mostly light.

    • Anita – it was an attempt to capture that wonderful morning light – with a welcome assist from the Orton Effect to add that extra glow.

  6. Your capture of light and shadow is, once again, stellar. I was first drawn to the lit object at the back of the frame, but I was also intrigued by the shallow depth of field you use. It actually took a second before I was able to identify the focus point of the image and that the depth of field seems to work from left to right as well as from front to back. Well done!

    I also enjoyed earlier comments about finding light in everything we see and do. I needed that message–this was a nose-to-the-grindstone, blinders-on-a-horse kind of day. Thanks for the mental lift!

    • Wanda – it was so interesting to read about the way your eye moved through this photograph – we rarely get such in-depth input on how others “read” our images – I so appreciate that you shared this with me. And I am doubly glad that the conversation in the comments provided the lift you needed today.

I greatly appreciate your comments!

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