Third Thursday Challenge Wrap-up: May

Chapel Ceiling

Here we are at the end of May – and it is time to wrap-up another edition of the Third Thursday Challenge. The link will be open through the end of the day tomorrow, so you still have time to join in the fun. Be sure to check out what the participants have been up to this month!

These final images were taken in the prison chapel at the Ohio State Reformatory. It was an emotionally contradictory experience – shooting in a place of so much despair and hopelessness – trying to find beauty in the darkness and desolation. But, regardless of its history, I found the subject matter quite fascinating and definitely want to return.

Saying “yes” to my photo-walk meeting with Deb was one of those “aha!” moments – that stepping out of my comfortable cocoon – the one in front of my monitor, where I spend my time engaging with pixels instead of real people. I will be forever grateful to Deb for extending the invitation.

Mark your calendars now: the Third Thursday Challenge will return June 20th. Together, we can help each other explore new creative paths. Where do you want to go next?

Chapel Pew

(Both images – Textures by Pixel Dust Photo Art: Old Ornate Linen and Abstract Scratches)


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  1. I didn’t quite manage it for May- I’ll have to start thinking about how I’ll challenge myself this month!

  2. Love the decay you’ve captured here. Always great to follow and see where and how you stretch and grow!

    • Marcie – the chapel was the most open area of the prison with unbelievably beautiful disintegration on the walls, with the room flooded with natural light. It was definitely a unique shooting experience.

  3. I like the textures you applied to these images. Really adds to the grungy look and feel of the place.

    I look forward to another photo walk and lunch with you!

  4. I sense through your photos and words that this was a very moving photo walk for you and Deborah. The textures of the structures and your added textures make these images very powerful! They’ve moved me every time I saw them. They brought sadness, but also hope in the light you captured!

    • Cathy – it was an emotional day – both in terms of my growing friendship with Deb and the experience of this unique place – so full of desolate beauty.

  5. I love what you’ve done with these images. In such a sad place you’ve captured some brightness. Like in every circumstance we might find ourselves, if we change our thinking about it, it will look and feel differently. The architecture of the place now takes on the appearance of a humble church. As always, I’m a fan of your talent!


    • Suzette – this space was the most open and light-filled of the prison. I can imagine it bringing some kind of peace and, perhaps, hope to many of the inmates over the years. Now it is filled with a quiet, desolate beauty.

  6. I can’t believe I missed the Third Thursday Challenge. I had something new to share! Shows what a busy month May has been.

    • Anita – oh, I’m so sorry too – but busy is good! Hopefully you can save it to share next month? Mark your calendar for June 20 🙂

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