Wise Words Sunday

Light Remembering


“Photography is just light
remembering itself.”

Jerry Uelsmann


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  1. Love the quote. So absolutely…totally true. And the abstraction of this image is wonderful!!

    • Thanks, Marcie. Sometimes I am amazed at how long it took me to recognize the importance of beautiful light in creating good images. But I’m glad I finally got there.

  2. Love the lines & light & reflection in this photo, such a great image.

  3. Ain’t that the truth? I love, love this photo. I scrolled thru it slowly. You know that “you had me at hello?” This photo had me in the top 4th and the love only grew from there. The repetition, warmth, the rounded roof-that gets echoed in the line below the arches, the reflections. Wow. Fantastic shot, beautifully edited.

    • Susan – I love that you love it! Were you able to guess that this was taken in a parking deck, looking across one of the roof girders? With one of those ghastly yellow sodium vapor lights as the light source? Of course, this was one of those images impacted greatly by post-processing – I used the Orton Effect – one of those techniques that is truly magical with the right image.

  4. What a wonderful quote, and what a wonderful image! I love how the light bounces all around, and the lines just pull us in. That’s a parking deck — amazing work, Brenda!

    • Gina – This is my favorite kind of image – one where the subject is unknown to the viewer – and I have managed to transform the commonplace into something mysterious.

  5. Brenda, I’ve always thought that your images were filled with beautiful light. I’d never have guessed this was a parking deck. Once again, you’ve transformed the mundane and even ugly into something magical.

    • Lee – that is certainly my photographic goal – achieved only rarely. But when it happens, it is very special.

  6. Excellent. Lots of movement and tension in this image.

  7. I love the way you see things! I would have never even looked up in a parking deck and you found such great lines and light!

    • Cathy – I have a great (and probably strange) fondness for parking decks. The top floors offer unique views of downtown – some of my favorite images have been created up there. This image was just one of those lucky moments when I caught the light just right – the combination of natural light outside and the yellow sodium lamps inside created a unique mix.

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