Embrace Light

“Embrace light.  Admire it. Love it.
But above all, know light.
Know it for all you are worth,
and you will know the key to photography.”

George Eastman


Are you ready for the next Third Thursday Challenge – coming May 16th?
What will you embrace?




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  1. Gorgeous…magical light!! Will look forward to this month’s challenge – yes!

    • Marcie – this image was taken at the Ohio State Reformatory – a former prison – so the beauty of that magical light is even more heart-breaking when you understand the desolate nature of its actual surroundings. I have never been to a place with so much peeling paint – it was like abstract sculptures.

  2. Wow, Brenda, what a gorgeous image! The light is just perfect.

    • Jen – this was a very tricky lighting situation so the image is actually softer than I would have liked – but a conversion to BW helped make the light the main focus of the image – and who could resist that glowing window?

  3. For me it’s not the glowing window that make sthe photo but the different reflections and shades on the wall and ceiling.
    Very close to perfection!

    • Yes, I was initially attracted to the glowing reflections on the floor and the wall – and the almost-sculptural look of the tatters of paint hanging down from the ceiling. It was an amazing photography experience to shoot here.

  4. I knew immediately that this must have been taken at the prison you and Deborah visited. The light creates such emotion and power. You were there at the perfect time of day.

    • Cathy – the were so many opportunities like this one at the prison – with extreme contrasts between light and shade. It was a challenging environment for shooting and I wasn’t able to successfully capture the full dynamic range of many of the scenes but it was certainly fun trying.

  5. Love this image. Fabulous contrast and light.

    • Becs – shooting at the prison was a unique experience – I definitely want to return since it had such fantastic light and incredible disintegration – can you believe that peeling paint?

  6. Incredible light — it shines and bounces all over the walls and floor! I know I continue to learn about light every time I go out with my camera. I was struggling with dappled light over the weekend.

    • Gina – I know! it was those reflections that first captured my eye. There were so many doorways with natural light spilling out, alternating with patches of darkness – it was quite a shooting challenge to hand-hold the canera. But such incredible scenes.

  7. Everything about this is truly fantastic, Brenda.
    Such wonderful light and tones.

    • Thanks Lisa. For me, what really made this image was the converesion to BW – it really highlighted the light and the anmazing textures.

  8. I appreciate how you’ve brought out the very best in a space that’s long since past its prime. As for TTC, I fear I may bring up the rear this month–but I’ll do my best to be there.

    • Wanda – it was definitely a unique place in which to photograph – beauty in the midst of extreme disintegration. And no worries about your TTC timing – while the kick-off is on the third Thursday of the month, the linky party is open through the end of May – so absolutely NO problem with “bringing up the rear”. Since this is a “no-rules” challenge, you certainly do not need to fret about posting on Thursday. I look forward, as always, to your challenge.

  9. Ooooh, what a great quote. Pumpkin you definitely know light! This photo is wow. Wow. And wow, I wish I took that one.

    I am ready, sort of, for 3rd Thursday. Hoping to post tomorrow or if not, on the weekend-that pesky work keeps getting in my way. :

    • Susan – Me and light – I am learning. And I can’t think of a better compliment than for you to wish you had taken this shot. And really – no worries about posting on Thursday – that is just the kick-off – you have until the end of the month to join in the festivities.

  10. What a stunning photo, I love everything about it- the light through the window and on the walls, the peeling paint, the black & white- well captured!

    • Thanks, Leanne. This was an incredible place to photograph. Natural light spilling in all around, alternating with places of darkness, creating that moody atmosphere. I don’t often get to shoot inside so it was a challenge – but a great opportunity to capture things outside my norm.

  11. I love light and the different colors of light! The quote is true…

    The image is sheer perfection. Wonderful work! I’m going to need to wait for another time to start Third Thursday…too much company to work on photography … happy and sad at the same time! :o)

    • Suzette – no worries – enjoy that company! Join us when you can – you do have until the end of May to join up with this month’s TTC if that works with your schedule. Otherwise, I hope to see your challenge in June.

  12. STUNNING! I don’t know how you do it. This image is pure magic, so full of stories.

    • Lisa – yes, I definitely thought of you and our fables as I walked around the prison. Just by its very nature and its history, the place is steeped in untold stories. (You, of course, have a standing invitation – if you see an image that screams “fable” to you, just let me know and I will send it along.)

  13. Through your lens, this hall looks hauntingly sterile. Can you imagine having to sit on that bench, waiting for someone or something?

    The black and white really did make this a stunning image.

    • Deb – there was a real feeling of haunting loneliness in this scene, with so many contrasts – particularly in the light. You do wonder who waited there and why and you feel the emotional pain of the stories hidden in these walls.

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