Wise Words Sunday

Doors of Perception


“There are things known
and there are things unknown,
and in between
are the doors of perception.”

Aldous Huxley



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  1. Another fantastic image. Love, love, love the colors–blue, green, blue-green, black and white. Strong lines, with that curve at the top.

    • Anita – this building (the National Football Hall of Fame) offers so many reflection opportunities – each time I go I find something new, depending upon the time of year, the time of day, the weather. A lesson in recognizing that the familiar can always be seen in new ways.

  2. I brought my husband in to see this image and I said, “How does she see this way?” I love the color and tone as well and how the revolving door becomes less and less visible in the image. The quote gave my husband and I a springboard to talk about some communication issues we’re having of late. Thank you and have a wonderful week ahead!


    • Suzette – I don’t know what to say – this is the first time a post generated positive marital discussion 🙂 And you know, of course, that I say the same things about your images, right? It’s funny how the things we see seem so obvious to us – we can’t understand why others find it amazing. Wishing you a great week as well!

  3. This makes me think of a piece of jewelry, set with emeralds and sapphires and aquamarines. Great quote, too! Food for thought….

    • Lee – Oooh – I like thinking of it that way, in those jewel-like tones, sparkling in the sun. One of my favorite color combinations.

  4. What a very cool effect…and the perfect quote to accompany. Yes – in between is the illusion of perception!!

    • Marcie – this was one of those “oh-my-gosh” moments when I realized what I was seeing – I was standing right up against the windows and the sunlight was hitting things just so and there was the entrance door, reflected again and again – like falling into an Alice-in-Wonderland world. I love photography!

  5. I love this Brenda, great colours & amazing reflections & lines – it’s really hard to work out just what it is. I love looking at it!

    • Leanne – one of my favorite things is creating images that make you wonder about what you are seeing, making you look twice, trying to figure it out – but in a good way. I’m glad this photograph accomplished that.

  6. Circular doors against straight lines-and the blues and greens. The pattern of the buildings almost looks like you composited this photo to look that way, but I know you didn’t Beautiful geometric composition. Is there anyway you can enter some of these entrancing images into a contest (where there are cash prizes?). Geez, awesome!

    • Susan – ah, gee! thanks for the wonderful compliment. I do enter the free contests at Viewbug when I have something that fits the contest topic. But otherwise, I just haven’t quite figured out how/where to get my work out there. Part of it is financial – not wanting to expend the cash on entering contests which have an entry fee or the expenses of printing/framing my work. And, I have to admit that it hasn’t been a major priority either. At this point, I’m still happy with doing this as a hobby, sharing it here. But I do greatly appreciate the encouragement.

  7. The fabulous colors in this make me think of the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz! Beautiful, simply beautiful…

    • Deb – it does, doesn’t it? All I need is a yellow brick road and we could be off on an Oz-ian adventure.

  8. So very cool. What else can I say?

  9. The colors and composition are so terrific, Brenda! You always manage to find the amazing reflections and frame them so well. And a what a wonderful quote to go with this image. Brava!

    • Gina – this was one of those shots that surprised me – having been to this location so many times before, I couldn’t believe that I had missed that specific reflection on my previous visits. It was some magic of the time of day and the angle of the sun and my position – and there it was, just waiting for me to click the shutter.

  10. Fascinating! I seem to use that word a lot when describing your photos, but it’s true! I love the triangles of blue!

    • Cathy – that’s okay – I don’t mind being fascinating! 🙂 The entrance way of this building is a reflection-generator – covered with glass and sleek metal siding. One of my favorite subjects.

  11. I love the colors and the repetitions in this photograph. Marvelous! And the quote hits right to my heart, as always.

    • Lisa – this is one of those “secret” images – you didn’t see the repeated doors unless you stood in one very specific spot, right up next to the windows, at just the right angle. I love finding these hidden treasures.

  12. I’m bedazzled!…by the colors, the multiple images, your trademark shadows and geometry. Great shot!

    • Wanda – “Bedazzled!” – what a great word – I am picturing rhinestones and glitter and all things shiny 🙂

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