Sketch Book

Pointed Arches

Since I am busy with unpacking, today I am sharing with you several additional pencil sketch experiments from my Third Thursday Challenge for April. 

I love how the results resemble architectural drawings from past centuries – hand-drawn and colored with care. Like last month’s conversion to graphic silhouettes, I find myself trying out the pencil sketch technique on every image – I am nothing if not enthusiastic upon discovery of a new post-processing method.

What is it that gets your heart thumping in your chest? That puts a smile on your face? Why don’t you share your challenge with us.



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  1. I love your enthusiasm, I really like these sketchy images x

    • Leanne – well, my enthusiasms can tend toward the extreme sometimes – not EVERY image works as a sketch – but I do love these results. The best part is when an old image from the archives can find new life as what happened here with the second image.

  2. Am loving your experimentation here. Hope it was a wonderful trip!

    • Thanks, Marcie. Playing around with new techniques is one of the things that I love about photography and Photoshop. Pushing and bending pixels into something new – it definitely puts a smile on my face. As does a wonderful visit with our grandson – it was a wonderful trip.

  3. Wow, these work so well with your architectual images. I did one of these the other day, I’ll have to send it to you, so you know I am getting smarter thanks to YOU!
    I don’t know what gets my heart thumping, but I’ll let you know next time it happens.

    • Susan – oh, yes – please do send it along – I would love to see what you came up with! Trust me – I’m just spreading around the “smarts” of other people – I have a real talent for following directions. And be sure to share the “heart-thumping” as well – I would definitely be interested in what that will be.

  4. I especially like the second one, which looks like a drawing. Lovely subdued lines and colors. Very nicely done.

    • Anita – me, too! This was an archive image – I loved the architecture but the day was overcast and the skies a boring gray so I didn’t do anything with this image. But it found new life as a sketch with the addition of textures. That is one of my favorite things about post-processing – how it can transform images into something new.

  5. I love these. Your pictures always soothe my soul.

  6. Oh my, I love both of these! Fascinating!!

    • Cathy – thanks! I am “slightly” obsessed with this new technique and the way it transforms images into something new. A chance to rescue old images that weren’t quite there. One of the things I love about post-processing.

  7. Very nice! I’m a fan of the first one–I’m guessing that your pencil sketch technique added the definition around the different kinds of brick. The diagonal ones under the pointy arches are especially interesting–almost lacy looking.

    • Wanda – yes, this technique works wonders on very detailed images like these, with all those gorgeous lines and architectural gingerbread to enhance. That is the main reason I am so enamored with this technique – it’s ability to bring out the smallest fine details.

  8. Love the experimentation…and LOVE the results!

    • Well, you know how I love a good excuse to immerse myself in some post-processing magic. It has been great fun playing with this technique.

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