Hitting the Road


Tomorrow we head to Illinois. It is birthday time for the world’s greatest grandson, who will be four on Thursday.

My trusty laptop will be making the journey. But if I am slower to respond than normal over the next week, know that I am undoubtedly building flying robots from Duplos or the world’s longest wooden train with a certain four-year-old. And such important activities will take precedence. I take my “Mom-Mom” duties very seriously.

Remember: the April edition of the Third Thursday Challenge will kick-off as scheduled on the 18th and I look forward to your challenge topics. Isn’t it time you joined in?


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  1. What a sweetheart!! And yes…of course. Grand-mom duties take much greater precedence than this. Enjoy every moment!!

    • Marcie – yes, he is definitely a sweetheart with a little bit of the devil thrown in for good measure. I plan to enjoy every Duplo-filled moment.

  2. Yay for you!! I’m sure you do take your Mom-Mom duties on to the nth….but I bet this is a guy that can make you take the edge off perfection. Grandkids have a way of doing that.
    I love this portrait where you were able to sneak in a touch of your signature shadows and shapes.
    Have a wonderful time, and travel safely.

    • Susan – I was just thrilled to actually capture a moving target! He pushes my photographic abilities to the limit – I usually just give up and enjoy being with him. And yes, I love crawling under playground equipment even without a little one in tow – all those cool shadows – so this was a wonderful combination.

  3. What a cutie! Happy birthday to your grandson and have a fabulous trip. 🙂

    • Becs – thanks! Except for the 8 hours in the car that it will actually take to get there, I am looking forward to this trip and the chance to spend this time with him. As I know you can understand, I can’t believe that he will be 4 already. That seems completely impossible.

  4. Have a wonderful time! And, what a gorgeous boy he is! Happy Birthday to your beautiful grandson. And, safe and happy travels!

    • Juli – thanks for your good wishes! I am definitely looking forward to our time with him – just not the 8 hours in the car it will take to get there 🙂 But how thankful we are that we have the time and the means to make the trip.

  5. Flying robots & wooden trains sounds wonderful! Enjoy.

    • Leanne – we are traveling with another batch of Duplos as his birthday gift – so we will have plenty of building materials for all sorts of projects. I believe the plan is to combine the Duplos and train set into one very large creation. It will be fun to experience the world through the eyes of a 4-year old.

  6. What a great shot — I love the sunlight polka dot pattern. Have a wonderful time! We’ll all be here when you get back.

    • Lee – for me, the miracle was getting a good shot of a moving subject. And he is constantly in motion. My photographic abilities will be sorely challenged – or else I will just put the camera away and build some Duplo robots. It’s good to know you will be here upon my return.

  7. What a wonderful double-duty shot. It captures your grandson (all important!) and your trademark light and shadows in one beautiful frame.

    I have to know…is he giving a thumbs-up with his right hand?

    • Wanda – since moving subjects are not my forte, I am always thrilled to get any images that come out when he is my subject – since staying in one place is not his forte. And I don’t remember if he was giving a thumbs up or not – I think he was pointing where he wanted to go next – moving on to the next thing.

  8. Enjoy! I see you incorporate light and shadow in your portraits also! He is a cutie.

    • Anita – we are enjoying our grandson time for sure. Since taking photos of moving subjects are a real challenge for me, I am just happy when I get one that turns out. Following him around the playground, in and over and under, this was a lucky shot.

    • Lisa – life is different with a four-year old around, that’s for sure! On the schedule for this evening is building a gas station from Duplos for his brand new Transformers.

  9. Brenda, what a beautiful boy. He is lucky to have you too. Duplos really takes me back.

    • Kim – we had a wonderful visit with our little guy. I am so grateful for the opportunity to see the world through the eyes of a 4-year old. And yes, Duplos were my son’s favorite toy for a LONG time – so I have such fond memories of building all kinds of imaginative structures during his childhood.

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