Wise Words Sunday

Going Up?


“The world is full of magic things,
patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”

W.B. Yeats


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  1. Love, love, love the colors–they shimmer.

    • Anita – these are the shiny silver doors of an elevator – you can almost see my reflection in the middle so I am going to count this as a “selfie” as well 🙂 The opposite wall is a very bright lime green – a little Photoshop magic added the deep blues and I loved the colorful result.

  2. Oh..and this is truly magical. What a stunning array of color!

    • Marcie – sometimes, it’s the simplest things – reflections on elevator doors, for example – with just a little help from Photoshop – that make the day magical.

  3. Yes! There is magic everywhere! What an incredible image – those colours just fill me with joy! It’s magical, actually. Quite magical!

    • Juli – this is one of those images that I walked by numerous times before actually deciding to press the shutter. It just seemed a little too weird of a subject. But it was really in post-processing that the true magic happened – that rainbow of green to blue coming to life.

  4. Love this, great quote and those colours are gorgeous.

    • Becs – since you are one of my “selfie” inspirations, I just wanted to point out that the shadow in the middle of this image is me – and I’m going to count this image as a self-portrait 🙂

  5. I just read your response to Becs _ a selfie! good on you.
    LOve the colours here- just beautiful.

    • Leanne – well, as you are another of my selfie inspirations – I am probably pushing the selfie definition with this image, but I am going to claim it anyway – I know that I’m there. 🙂

  6. It’s so fun that your image includes an unintended selfie!

    As for me, I’m glad the world is patiently waiting for my senses to sharpen, because I am totally IMpatient in that regard.

    • Wanda – since I have such a strong dislike for being in the image, I will take my selfies wherever they come 🙂 And I think we all want to reach that place of sharpened senses – where we better experience the world around us in all its mystery and glory.

  7. I never realized how much I enjoy abstraction. Kind of counter to a self-proclaimed anal retentive. The analogous colors in this are marvelous. I’m sure this is something, but I rather like not knowing what that something is. Great find.

    • Susan – yes, it definitely is something but I won’t spoil the secret. And I must gloat and point out that the shadow in the center is me – I therefore claim this as a selfie!

  8. Magic, magic everywhere. We soak it up, don’t we?

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