Wise Words Sunday


“The drops of rain
make a hole in the stone
not by violence
but by oft falling”






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  1. Oh, my, this is wonderful — the water drops look like they are going to
    jump onto my screen. Is this HDR? Great POV, Brenda.

    • Gina – No, this isn’t HDR but that compliment certainly made me smile. It was hand-held, shooting in macro mode, with the camera/lens right up against the window glass, focusing on the water droplets. The sharpness and color toning was added in post-processing. I was happy to make something good from a rainy, cold day.

  2. Ooooh I love this. I have a thing for water droplets and this is just magical.

    • Kathryn – Cold rain is my least favorite type of weather – so I was very happy to have the chance to create something good from the bad weather conditions. This was taken at the local community college (one of my favorite indoor places to shoot) – looking out the window at the new skywalk. Of course, the skywalk was built AFTER I completed my coursework there 🙂

  3. Wow! Look at those lines reflected in the water drops! Breathtaking! You and your eyes are so good!!

    • Cathy – I know! I don’t think I saw all the details within the droplets until I began post-processing – but as queen of the macros, you know all about the surprises that can be waiting once the image is up on your monitor. One of the best aspects of macro shooting.

  4. What an amazing shot! Those water droplets are three-dimensional! With reflections, too! And, that tone of blue – gorgeous. Love this, Brenda!

    • Juli – this was definitely a case of making the best of things – the day was so cold and rainy and unappealing – but then standing inside, looking out the window of the skywalk – there were those water droplets – acting as mini-reflectors. Add my favorite blue/green toning and this is the result. One of those cases of being glad I got in the car and went out – even though I really, really didn’t want to.

  5. Perfect pairing of quote and image. Gotta love those giant rain drops!

    • Marcie – considering the fact that cold rain is my least favorite weather pattern, I was thrilled to find a way to turn it into something of beauty.

  6. Wow! This image is stunning. One of my favorites. And I love the quote.

    • Lisa – an ode to the power of persistence – “oft falling” – I love that phrase. I like this image because I used my least favorite weather pattern – cold rain – and turned it into something good.

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