The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture


I want to “see bigger.”

I know where my comfort zone is – seeing and capturing the details. And this search for the interesting in the small, in making the familiar extraordinary, is still a huge part of my photographic journey.

But I also want to take a step back, to seek out grandeur and infinite vistas. To train my eye to see the beauty in the whole pie and not just the slice.

I have a great fondness for my “pie-in-the-sky” series, as evidenced by the image below. But, for me, this is the “easy” shot – that triangle of silver cleaving the sapphire sky. I know how to “do” this shot.

But the image above is different. Stepping back, framing a larger piece of the whole, is uncomfortable. I don’t know what to do with all that “stuff” in my frame. How to arrange it in a pleasing way.

So this is me, widening my perspective, seeking a way to show you more.

And trusting that I have more to give.


Pie-in-the-Sky View


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  1. What a great symmetry! Looks like a gorgeous building.

    • It is – all that glass and silvery-steel. It is the Federal Courthouse here in Canton and I never tire of finding new ways to capture its beauty.

  2. What amazes me the most is not how the lines and shapes cut across sky or the geometry of it all, but it’s the color and tone you achieve in your images, especially the images in blue tones. I love the peace I find in each and everyone of your images.

    • Suzette – I spent a lot of time in post-processing on the toning of this image so I am thrilled you find that an attractive part of the whole. And it is so gratifying to know that my work brings you peace.

    • I agree — you have such a gift for lines and tones, light and shadow. This is gorgeous.

      • Lisa – thanks! Taking a step back doesn’t come naturally to me – so I have plenty of work to do in that regard. It helps when presented with a great building as a subject.

  3. Brava, Brenda for pushing out the boundaries! Of course, you have more to give, and we’ll be learning along with you. What amazing tones and lines in your bigger image — it almost looks like an architectural sketch.

    • Gina – just a tiny step (literally) but a step nonetheless. I just really find myself intimidated by the “bigger” picture – when I distill things down into one piece of the puzzle, I know what to do with it. But trying to make a bunch of things fit together – I find that challenging. But challenge is good, right?

  4. Interesting post Brenda! I recognized the “wider angle” view as your pie in the sky series, even if it didn’t follow your original close up viewpoint. To me, this is still a very Brenda and very wonderful image, maybe more interesting for you showing more. I’ve recently realized an interesting thing. Landscapes have always escaped me in the past, but recently I’m capturing landscapes I love. How did that happen? I discovered this is happening because I’m approaching the shot as an image of a tree, in context. Not as a landscape. That’s what you are doing too – capturing the details, in context. Wonderful details, thanks for sharing in the Photo-Heart Connection and reminding me of this discovery. I think I need to go blog that now before I forget!

    • Thanks, Kat! I am glad my thoughts and images triggered something in you – clarified something about your own work. I do love how this sharing within the PHC community has ripples that flow outward to impact not only ourselves and our connection to our own work but each other.

  5. A wonderfully strong symmetrical image, but what I love is you pushing at your boundaries – and getting such a wonderful image in doing so.

    • Thanks Carolyn. I do love symmetry – it is something I can relate to and understand how to present visually. I suppose that is partly what helped in my “stepping back” – knowing the image was balanced. Now I just have to work on the bigger picture without completely relying on symmetry.

  6. Beautiful lines and angles and perfect symmetry! You met the challenge with excellent results. You could start a whole new series…two steps back of the pie. I do know how you feel about focusing on details and not being comfortable with the bigger picture!

    • Cathy – I LIKE that – “Two Steps Back of the Pie” – my new series 🙂 Hopefully, I can keep it going – it’s so much easier to just keep shooting what I always shoot. And I’m sure you understand that as well.

  7. I, too, have a fondness for your “pie” photos. They are unusual, creative, simple, fascinating.
    Stepping back is a variation of these “pie” photos. I like that top image very much. You maintained simplicity by keeping the colors unified–shades of blue with some white for contrast. The lines in the additional part of the image are “pie” lines also, except for the vertical lines which seem to point upward, toward the pie. I think this new “pie” is more interesting, more complex, and, more challenging to create.
    This image seems to represent a natural next step.

    • Anita – definitely more challenging for me, that’s for sure! As always, I appreciate your thoughtful assessment and input. I like thinking that this is a “next step” – a building block on what has come before.

  8. Love how you’ve stepped back and given us some of the additional details. Equally beautiful – both ways!

    • Marcie – stepping back is harder than it looks 🙂 It’s so much easier to stay close and fill the frame and do what I know works. (And all of a sudden, I am reminded of the childhood game “Mother, May I?” – “Take two giant steps backward?” – in this case, in order to move forward.)

  9. As much as I admire your pie-in-the-sky images, I must say I really like the larger view you feature here. You’ve captured an amazing collection of leading lines and complementary elements that aren’t seen in the smaller view. You might be detail-oriented, but I think you get the big picture too!

    • Wanda – I so appreciate your input. I’m not sure how successful I will be at obtaining the “bigger picture” in subsequent attempts with different subjects – but it is good to have a successful shot as evidence that I can do it.

  10. I love your pie in the sky series! LOVE it. This ‘bigger picture’ provides another angle on the story – literally and figuratively. It’s more soaring. More architectural. Beautiful. But, I’ll always love the pie! 🙂

    • Juli – I’m glad you are still in love with my pies – because I’m not sure how successful my attempts at the bigger picture will actually turn out to be 🙂 So, at least I know I can always return to my beloved triangles.

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