The Birth of Shadows

The Birth of Shadow

Shadows have returned. And, of course, that means the reappearance of light.

One day of sunshine can easily wipe out weeks of grayness. Even though temperatures remain at their winter setting and bundling up is still required, there is now a spring in my step as we inch closer to the seasonal change.

On this day, the sun paints the world with its golden light and shadows stripe my surroundings. Temporary patterns are created, fleeting and ethereal, following the sun. The camera feels weightless in my hands. And for those few moments, all is right with my world.

Texture Tuesday Processing

  • Add quote text, using transform to rotate so the text lines up with shadow lines. Set blend mode to Hard Light
  • Add shadow text, rotating for proper placement. Set blend mode to Soft Light
  • Duplicate shadow text layer, setting opacity to 50% in order to darken the text. Group shadow text layers together.
  • Add the 1412 texture, setting blend mode to Multiply
  • Add a Levels adjustment to increase overall contrast
  • Process my midtone contrast action to bring out the texture of the concrete

Below is the original image and the Photoshop layers palette:

Before ImageLayers-Palette











Linking with Texture Tuesday, Wise Words Edition,  hosted by Kim Klassen


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  1. I’m happy that you have shadows again, Brenda! And these , surrounded by golden light, are lovely! Spring is lurking around the corner….

    • Gine – me, too! It was such fun searching out the best shadow shots. It was amazing how quickly my mood improved, even though it was still chilly. Just goes to show what a little sunshine can do.

  2. Very nice – great quote.

    • Carol – thanks! it was such a pleasure to follow light and shadows again, camera in hand. And I was so lucky to find the perfect quote to express my feelings.

  3. Great shot I love the play of sun and shadow….

    • Viv – shadows are one of my favorite subjects. I have sorely missed them during the gray winter months. Hooray for their return!

  4. Wow! Awesome shot! Beautiful light and shadows. Love the textures too.

    • Gracie – this image is a combination of so much that I love – golden light, shadows, pattern and textures. It was such a thrill to chase the light again.

  5. Love this….and hurray for sunshine! Love the tones and texture and how you’ve applied your wise words.

    • Becs – yes, a big hurray for sunshine! It’s gone again – but the promise of its return is enough to get me through.

  6. Wow – very artsy and powerful!

    • Cindy – what a wonderful compliment – thank you! I really admire work that is minimal and abstract – so your reaction is very gratifying to me.

  7. Nicely done. I look forward to shadows but not today since it’s snowing pretty hard.

    • Stephanie – it is overcast and very windy here today – so shadows are not in the cards. It was such a pleasure to be out in the sun the day this photo was taken, chasing sunlight and shadows.

  8. Beautiful Brenda, be sure to send some of that ‘gold’ our way.

    • Kathryn – well, we have returned to more typical Ohio March weather – it’s windy and overcast today. When I get some more “gold”, I will send it south to you – if you’ll do the same and send your sunshine my way. Deal?

  9. I love your processing on this, bringing out the beautiful gold tones and enhancing the shadow contrast. Perfect quotation, too! Your shadow photos have always been some of my favorites. I’m glad you have them to work with again.

    • Lee – yes, I have certainly missed chasing fleeting shadows. A subject that came along early in my photographic journey – and one that continues to fascinate and never fails to disappoint.

  10. I was just outside taking pictures of shadows. Such a break from the dreary grey we’ve had. Once the trees have leaves, I’ll forget about the shadows of tree branches and focus on the dappledight of the woods. But, for the next several weeks, I’ll be following the shadows dancing across the ground.

    • Anne – oh, lucky you to have sunshine and shadows today – we are back to our winter gray. I love your thought of following the “shadows dancing across the ground” – it is a dance, isn’t it – between the sun and shadows? A beautiful music.

  11. Lovely work and love the quote, perfect for your image.

  12. Wonderful words and photo!

    • Judy – thanks! Shadows are a favorite subject – there is just something about their fleeting nature that attracts me so very strongly.

  13. An interesting shot made even better with your post processing and the added quote. I especially like how you ensured the key words lined up with their corresponding light types.

    • Wanda – I had fun with this one – trying to find an interesting way to incorporate the text with the image. (And since you are a master at that, I deeply appreciate the compliment)

  14. Your shadows and light are pretty awesome, beautiful. This past fall while at the beach, I managed to photograph wooden pier shadows in the sand and water, the photos remind me of one another…one solid and still the other shifting and yielding. But shadows are marvelous, the true indicator of the sun hovering over head.

    I will be posting for your 3rd Thursday, but flying to Chicago now and will be a day late…I am doing a “Brenda” technique!!!

    • Sharon – yes, shadows are indeed marvelous – by their very nature, they are fleeting and changeable and ethereal – and never the same from day to day. A big part of their attraction.

      And remember, you have until the end of the month to participate in the Third Thursday Challenge – so don’t worry about being “late”. I so look forward to your intepretation of a “Brenda” technique 🙂

  15. Interesting subject matter. I like what you did with your test. I’m all ready for spring and more sun!!

    • Marilyn – for some reason, I have long been attracted to shadows and it was such a pleasure to be chasing them again. I think we are all ready for more sun – today is officially spring! Now if the weather will only catch up.

  16. Wonderfully seen and executed Brenda–Love this study of light and line

  17. Sun–yay!! We saw some sun today also. What a joy. Now you are back to creating your marvelous light and shadow images.

    • Anita – yes, we had some weak sun today as well – but it was also very cold and windy. Not really what I would consider spring weather on this first day of spring. But I will take sunshine in whatever form it decides to present itself. Shadows are fun to chase.

  18. Beautiful shadows! I know you enjoyed every moment of being out in the sunshine capturing them!

  19. Love the image, Brenda..and what you’ve done with it in post-processing. Beautiful.

    I love your abstracts. Love them. Nothing like a spectacular image to transport and uplift. Beauty does that. And, your images are so beautiful.

    And, so glad the sun shone. We had some sun yesterday…sunshine stirs that sense of spring…it has to be hear, she wrote on what is another grey day! 🙂

    • Juli – nothing stirs my excitement more than a sunny day – a chance to chase shadows. Today, the sun played hide-n-seek with the clouds but I managed to capture a few shadows. Exhilirating 🙂

  20. I’m having such a grey day, and you’ve brought some golden light in. 🙂

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