Wise Words Sunday

The Staircase

“You don’t have to see
the whole staircase,
just take the first step.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

 Textures by Pixel Dust Photo Art


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  1. Great quote and I love the tones in that image. Beautiful Brenda.

    • Kathryn – one of those archive images that called to me for post-processing. I like when I find an old image that can suddenly take on new life. And then it matched up so perfectly with the quote.

  2. Life is about baby steps. We can’t walk if we don’t try and when we fall down we get up and try again. This is even true when you get old. Have a wonderful day.

    • Freda – hello! is this Kaileen’s grandma? How kind of you to stop by my little corner of cyberspace and comment. I do so appreciate it. My son is a very lucky man to be sharing his life with your granddaughter.

  3. MLK was so wise — his words always inspire me. I’m not sure I’d have the guts to venture up the rickety staircase, but it makes a great image.

    • Gina – yes, I am always inspired by MLK’s words. And this staircase appears rickety – but it’s stronger than it looks. I was taken by the blue paint – such a bright and hopeful color.

  4. Wise..wise words. A perfect pairing of image and quote!

    • Marcie – one can’t go wrong with the wisdom of MLK. I was thrilled to rescue an old image for this pairing – I love when a search through the archive yields a forgotten treasure.

  5. I love the image and the quote is wonderful. The quote implies we should trust…I’m working on it! Beautiful work! Have a wonderful week!

    • Suzette – yes, we must trust that each step will take us closer to where we want to be, even if we can’t see the complete path. Wishing you a wonderful week as well.

  6. Wonderful image and wonderful advice! I love all those lines and the great textures! I always told my kids, one step at a time is less fearful and evidentually the job will get done.

    • Cathy – you (and MLK) give good advice 🙂 I came across this blue staircase in an alley – and was struck by the paint color choice. It was so beautiful – that sky blue – in a place where you least expected such color. The contrast with the surroundings was so unexpected that I couldn’t resist the shot.

  7. Yes! Just the first step. I love this quote. And, needed to hear it today. Thanks, Brenda. Love the silver and gold tones in your image. Beautiful!

    • Juli – I think we could all use hearing those words EVERY day – that reminder that it is through those individual steps that we reach our goal.

  8. Such wise words, and the image is perfect for them.

    • Lee – the words of MLK are so inspiring – it was an honor to find an image to go along with his words. Don’t you love it when an old archive image suddenly gains a new life?

  9. Very wise words and the perfect image to demonstrate it.

    • Kim – it’s easy to illustrate the words of such a great man. I especially liked that this was an image rescued from obscurity in my archive – sometimes the words inspire a way to make an image into something more.

  10. Very wise words, if fact we rarely see the whole staircase. Great image to go with this quote.

    • Leanne – very true. The first part of the quote is “Take the first step in faith.” That is all we can do, yes? Take the first step and the next will be revealed.

  11. We Quakers have a saying: “Way will open.” That is, take the first step and the next step will become apparent.

    • Anita – I love that saying – thank you for sharing it. It fits in so well with the MLK quote and the theme for this Wise Words Sunday.

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