Wing-Feather Fables: The Tears of Stars

A magical warehouse behind the curtain at the Italian deli – who would have guessed? Well, Lisa brings it to life in her latest on.


Zephyr’s Emporium sells everything. Most days, I buy sausages or tripe. The front room’s an old Italian deli, like the ones they had along Blandina. Tomato pie and parmesan, pepperonis hanging from the ceiling, strings of garlic. Shelves of wine in bulbous straw-wrapped bottles. Red, white and green everywhere you look and you’re starving soon as you walk in, even if you just scarfed down three types of pie. Anyway, my grandma likes her tripe, so I’m a regular. You know that’s cow stomach, right?

Read the rest of the story here.

hotograph by Brenda Gottsabend; Story by Lisa Ahn

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  1. I loved the description of what was behind the curtain. As a child I was often afraid of what lay behind a curtain but now I find myself more intrigued.

    • Kathryn – well, when the “behind-the-curtain” is written by Lisa, how can we not expect magic? I love the unique voice of this fable – the way each of her characters is so very himself or herself – a rich personality in so few words.

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