Be Inspired Guest Post

Like a Duck


My partner in fables, Lisa Ahn, graciously asked me to write a guest post for her “Be Inspired” series. You will find me there today, sharing how very much I am like a duck.

If this simile piques your curiosity, please join me there. (And yes, I realize the image above is not a duck but a goose, or maybe a swan – you must realize by now that nature is not my thing. This was the best I could do from the archives.)

Many thanks to Lisa for the opportunity. I remain her biggest fan.


Tomorrow is the kick-off of the February Third Thursday Challenge.
Are you ready?



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  1. Brenda, I loved reading your guest post and learning a little more about you. You’re story is inspirational.

    • Kathryn – thanks! I’m glad you found my story of interest. It was a huge pleasure to follow you in Lisa’s “Be Inspired” series.

  2. Fabulous guest post, congrats and thank you for sharing your vision. 🙂

    • Thanks, Becs! It was a real honor to guest post for Lisa, my “partner-in-fables”. Of course, I spent hours and hours sweating over the writing of that post. I mean, here I am, a VISUAL artist, not a writer by any means – writing a post for one of my favorite writers. Ah, the pressure! But I’m trying to say “yes” to the stuff that scares me.

  3. What a wonderful post. I personally am so glad you found photography just waiting for you. All of us who view your work and read your words benefit.

    • Kim – I never saw this coming – me as photographer. It helped to have a great teacher who was able to make the technical side understandable and supported my creative explorations. And I have learned so much through this blog and the support of my online community. Now, I can’t imagine life without photography in it.

  4. You, like a duck? I’m heading over to Lisa’s!

  5. Wonderful interview! Thanks for sharing about yourself.

    • Anita – thanks! I was initially hesitant when Lisa invited me to participate in her “Be Inspired” series – the old “what-do-I-have-to say?” questions going round in my head. But I am determined to say “Yes” to the things that scare me. And I am so glad I did.

  6. Brenda,

    What a wonderful story about you and your creativity. The images included in the piece are wonderful…I think I’ve seen one or two of them before, but since your work speaks to me, it’s good to see them again. This may not make sense, but your images of hard subjects…buildings, stone, cement, glass…appear so soft and gentle in the image that I want to reach out to touch them. I feel the same way about Chihuly glass. Seeing it is not enough…I want to touch it. (I don’t because I’m sure someone would stop me!) :o) Anyway, the images have such a calming affect for me.

    Take care!

    • Suzette – I’m glad you enjoyed my story. When Lisa asked me, I hesitated – “who wants to hear about MY story” ringing through my head – but I am determined to try the things that scare me so I did it. And I have to admit that I never, in my wildest dreams, imagined a discussion of my images and Chihuly glass in the same sentence 🙂 I love hearing how others react to my photographs – the fact that you find them soft and gentle, regardless of the “hardness” of the subjects, is an eye-opener for me. I so appreciate the feedback.

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