Technicolor Dreaming

The Regal

Welcome to the Regal, bedecked in its bright, candy-colored hues and retro styling. It sits, dreaming of early Hollywood and the studio stars; the glitz and the glamour; the wonders of imagination and the art of escapism that is the movies.

Inside, all those tiny bits of fanciful cinematic worlds float through the popcorn-scented air – sparkling dust motes of imagination.  Do they coalesce at night into new creative constellations of imagery and sound?

Moving pictures. Telling stories, in technicolor dreams.

Here at the Regal.

Texture Tuesday Processing Layers-Palette

  • Add the Edward Texture and desaturate. Set blend mode to Overlay and opacity to 70%
  • Add the Storm Texture, blend mode set to Overlay
  • Separate the Veronica Lake image from her background using a layer mask. Add the image to the working composite, transforming to size. Set blend mode to Multiply and opacity to 65%
  • Painting with black, add to the layer mask so that she appears to be behind the theater buildings
  • Clip a Hue/Saturation adjustment to the Veronica layer, colorizing the image to a soft blue that blends well with the sky
  • Clip a Levels adjustment to the Veronica layer bringing up the highlights and midtones. Painting with black on the adjustment layer mask, bring back the edges of the hair.

Below are the original images used in the creation of this composite. The image of Veronica Lake is from the Stage Beauties: Edwardian Theater & Silent Film Actresses CD collection.











Linking with Texture Tuesday, hosted by Kim Klassen


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  1. What fun!! A tribute to another time..another era..another life. And – I love the vibrant happy colors.. YES!

    • Marcie – yes, this theater is simply wild with color – like Florida’s South Beach, lost in Northeastern Ohio. When the skies are blue and the sun is shining, it is a very happy sight.

  2. THis isn’t Facebook, so I’ll just LIKE it by writing the word. Wowza! So awesome. The regal image would stand alone just fine, but by compositing….the result is super awesome. Didn’t know you could “clip” an adjustment to just one layer. That’s going to be handy. Happy day Rock Star.

    • Susan – thanks for the “like” thumbs-up 🙂 It seemed appropriate to combine this cinema-themed image with one of my actress beauties. Glad to have been the source of a “something-I-didn’t-know-about-Photoshop” tip – hope it will prove useful to you in your own compositing experiments. Photoshop is such a big program that it is hard to keep in mind all its various aspects and how they can be used. I run across tutorials all the time and think – “darn! I completely forgot about ….” I look forward to what you do with this.

  3. Technicolor dreams indeed — you managed to create a wonderful retro look with your processing! My dad had a thing for Veronica Lake, so I recognized her right away. That is an amazing theater building – I hope it is still operating. Another winner, Brenda!

    • Gina – I am happy to report this theater is very much in operation. Even though its exterior is very retro in appearance, it was built within the past 15 years or so – and shows the latest blockbusters. It is just such a cheery building with its wildly saturated colors and retro styling. It makes me happy.

  4. Wonderful combination of colors and images!

    • Evelyn – outside, my world is primarly winter black and white – so finding this in the archives was a pleasant jolt of bright color. Thanks so much for stopping by – I do hope you’ll come by again.

  5. Fabulous interpretation of the theme. Love this image – and your descriptions, I can really smell that popcorn! Great composite…I really must try this out (I am aware I type that every time I see one of your beautiful images, ha!). Beautiful job.

    • Becs – Glad my composites continue to inspire you – hopefully to the point that someday you will give it a whirl yourself. 🙂

    • Thanks! I appreciate so much that you took the time to stop by and comment. I do hope you will stop by my little corner of the web again.

  6. Oh this is such a great combo, love it.

    • Kim – thanks! Since my world of late has been primarily black and white – both in terms of the outside winter weather and choice in post-processing – it was a treat to work with an image with such saturated happy colors.

  7. Beautiful creation! I love the architecture of old-Hollywood, and the colors are perfect here!

    • Dana – yes, the architecture and colors of this theater make me happy – so bright and cheerful. And I am a great fan of retro styling. Thanks for your comment.

  8. This is a very creative composite. Thanks for your “how to” also!

    • Pat – I learn so much from what others freely share online that I want to give back – I hope my “how to” will prove useful and inspiring.

  9. Great combo of the pictures!

    • Robyn – thanks! This luscious building, with its bright colors, just seemed to call out for the addition for some leading-lady glamour.

  10. I like the original image of the Regal with it’s strong lines and colors. Adding Veronica Lake tells the story you are trying to convey, and is very well done. My preference is for the original image.

    • Anita – yes, I like the original as well. The textures were a requirement to participate in “Texture Tuesday” – but I went back and forth on adding Ms Lake. Finally decided to go with the composite. As much for the learning experience as anything. As always, I appreciate your input.

  11. Technicolour magic! Wow, wow, wow! I love the Regal! The colours and lines..and that patch of blue sky. What an eye-pleaser! And, then, to layer in Veronica Lake…and transform the two pieces into one new whole lot of magic! Wonderful!

    • Juli – yes, I love the Regal too! All those happy colors and retro styling. And it is especially appealing under blue skies and sunshine. I had to go back into the archives to find some color as it has been gray, followed by more gray around here. But finding this image again made me smile.

    • Madge – thank you so much for stopping by and commenting – I do appreciate all the support and encouragement that I receive. I do hope you will stop by again.

  12. Perfect pairing of images. I love the original photo of that beautiful old art deco theater. Such great color and composition.

    • And you know what is amazing about this theater? Even with its colorful retro styling, it is actually a modern structure built with the past 15 years. I love that they constructed something so beautiful.

  13. You have such a way with words and processing, Brenda. This is stunning!

    • Kim – thanks for your kind comment. Post-processing is such fun – taking the raw image and making it something more is the creative challenge for me.

  14. Stunning building and image, I love it.

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